Air we go, air we go, air we go!

Not sure exactly why, but Slug’s taste for airborne troops even extends to those pesky Yanks who did half the work but are in all the films. This is one of Bolt Actions finely crafted .30 cal teams. The level of detail is divine and combined with just how much kit those spoiled yanks had presents quite a painting challenge.

I’ve experimented with painting thin wire copper coloured and cutting it up with clippers to use as spent shells as part of the basing. Although the Slug doesn’t base as a rule this developement at insane detail intrigued him enough for him to insist on doing that part himself. Sure they’re not exactly true to scale, but the effect works regardless!


In this shot you can even see how he’s painted on the “Screaming Seagulls” patch, hopefully they’ll be hacking down Germans on a table near us soon.

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One Response to “Air we go, air we go, air we go!”

  1. BIG RICH Says:

    Excellent work.

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