Hey to zed

If you’re into zeds, or zombies as the rest of the world knows them, then you might have noticed how red is one of the most common colours which you regularly use. You probably use various types of red, including Tamiya clear red for that still-wet-and-warm blood look. Along with this you’ll have developed different methods for  gore, and favoured techniques for severed limbs and the like. In short red is the new black – it’s all about the gore. Now I’m no master of the zombie arts and have barely reached 60 fully finished zombies of my own in over a year spent in part on a zombie project. One thing did become apparent with the last few I painted that that was how I was starting to find gore quite boring, so I came up with this paint job for one of the very special Studio Miniatures. I wanted something which captured one of my favourite aspects of zombie films, and that’s just how plain retarded zombies are. So this one has managed to empty a tin of blue paint over his head just moments ago.

Perhaps some survivor with a warped sense of humour placed the tin on a door left slightly ajar, maybe this poor soul got trapped in the kitchen section of B&Q, or maybe a painter and decorator actually turned up on time but only because he’s now a zombie. Whichever it’s a nice change to cover a zombie in blue paint. Of course it won’t be long before a return to all things visceral, but a change is as good as a tin of blue paint on your head.

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5 Responses to “Hey to zed”

  1. Harry Says:

    Excellent work. When I first saw the picture I thought maybe he was radioactive. Or perhaps he was walking through a lab (hospital?) with blue emergency lights. Or did the flood of blue light come from a flashing police cruiser.

    Very nice!

  2. Vampifan Says:

    Ha, ha, ha, that really made me laugh, Phil. Congratulations to you for coming up with something so different and so unique.

  3. Mikko Meriläinen Says:

    Hilarious, loved it. I’m unashamedly going to steal this idea of yours, yoink!

  4. 6milphil Says:

    Glad you like it gents. Harry you’re close to the mark as alongside this one I did another Studio figure as a radioactive zombie- but the photo for that one was too blurry, it’ll be up soon though.

  5. Zed-ray vision « Says:

    […] photo, this time of another varient on zombie paint jobs half guessed in the comments by Harry on the other post. This one is pure camp with his technicolor meets Frankenstein’s monster shade of green which […]

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