Barn Again

Aye it’s the other barn I’ve been working on which is now finished – Hurrah! It has around the same foot print as the earlier one but has a proper hayloft with front access, and a lean to section, so the barn is smaller. It has a similar finish but is meant to be newer so has no dry rot nor rust on the hinges.

I couldn’t resist a touch of the ivy though, this time along the foundation wall and up a post. I find the ivy a bit flat in colour, so I do give it a gentle brush of another green and then a green ink wash. This not only brings it to life but also gives you a way to cover the dried superglue which holds it all in place. I use superglue gel to place it, and when finished cover it with superglue liquid – when dried it hardens off and the whole thing becomes a solid object and gives it half a chance to survive games.

The foundation wall is made from cork strips cut to an agreeable sized brick, laid with glue and then rendered with mock-plaster which is also what I used on the roof. It gives a great finish and makes a material, which is identical to the wooden walls, look quite different. Mock-plaster is simply filler mixed with a little water to whatever consistency needed, typical just runny enough to apply with a brush.

The roof comes off, which I insist on with a 28mm building, and as you can see a car can just fit inside. I’ve used the same vehicle and figure for scale reference as I did in the other barn post so you might get an idea of scale – although I doubt anyones really paying that ridiculous level of attention.

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3 Responses to “Barn Again”

  1. redmanphill Says:

    Again this is really nice! Having it based works better I think.

  2. Vampifan Says:

    It’s just as good as your first one, Phil, and that was outstanding. I can’t help thinking how well these would look in a Wild West skirmish game.

  3. Ray Rousell Says:

    Nice paint job on the barn!

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