The complete and total guide to casting

First get some of this stuff and mix it together at a ratio of 1:1

Then chuck in some of this grey thing at around 25% of the total mix.

Mix it all up really quickly with a wooden stick.

Pour the mix in some of these rubber things partially filling them.

Pop the moulds into one of these, turn it on, lift one lever up, and push another down. Wait until it gets to a certain number, press a timer, when the timer goes beep turn it off.

Fill these up to the top and wait for them to cure.

Show what you’ve cast to this bloke and have him laugh at you if you got any bubbles in them.

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5 Responses to “The complete and total guide to casting”

  1. geronimo Says:

    Succinct, accurate, and perfect 🙂

  2. GDMNW Says:

    Why not mix the additive powder into one half of the resin? Then you can take your merry time mixing and pouring and avoid a lot of that air!

  3. Ulu Elsomalien Says:

    You use twice the same pic. (half and full filled molds)

  4. 6milphil Says:

    I suppose you could but there’s a six minute pot life so time isn’t an issue. Aye I did, that’s the quality you should expect in these highly detailed complete guides.

  5. Ulu Elsomalien Says:

    Sorry, I was a little rude (or too concise). Thanks for this casting guide. The big metal tank is a vacuum thingy ?

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