Slugging it to ’em

Many of you, my online game chums, will have noticed how me and the boy slug started making gaming bits for sale. I didn’t really want to clog things up here on the world’s greatest 6mm blog which doesn’t get 6mm posts, so that’s all over at the Slug Industries blog, my humble effort at a web catalogue. It’s all a bit messy and not as graphically enhanced as it could be, but hey-ho it’s a start. I’ll post products on there but only rarely mention them on here. That’s my corporate marketing strategy.

It just seemed the right thing to do, especially having been lucky enough to make chums with Kent’s answer to the 2 Ronnies – The 2 Ians, one from BEF Miniatures and the other from Fenris Games. Their combined fanaticism is the same as my own, and so they’ve been a great encouragement – Thanks!

Meeting great folk like the 2 Ians  in the literal sense is just one benefit of the quite incredible internet circles the gaming hobby community is creating. There’s also all the cyber buddies from various forums who’ve helped out by buying or swopping the new resin bits from me – Thanks!

It’s only fair to warn you – this is just how Games Workshop started.

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