World’s Biggest Spraybooth

For the modern Luddite lacking an airbrush spraying from a can is a regular reality but breathing in the fumes of both propellant and paint is not the best exercise an ageing gamer can take. So here’s a handy mini-project which will solve your solvent worries by creating the biggest spray booth in the world but with minimum storage requirements.

First find a stick and a flat piece of plasticard, fix the plasticard onto the stick in the style of a fly swat before the invention of the hole. Above I’m about to spray the wheels for a Slug Industries Fred.

Then attach whatever you wish to spray to the pre-hole flyswat. I used blu-tac but other sticky gummy products are available.

Then approach a window and open it.

Then hold the stick end of your new device and stick your arm out of the window. Take care not to fall out of the window.

Then spray away to your heart’s content, while the wind carries away any fumes or excess paint. Why not build one yourself?

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One Response to “World’s Biggest Spraybooth”

  1. Monty Says:

    Hilarious! I needed the laugh!

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