It’s all Greek John to Me

Having moved back to my home town last year I’ve started bumping into old chums who never managed to travel the vast distance involved to see me where I lived previously. One of these is Greek John who I’ve known from when we were all skinny, lithe limbed and stupid. We were both adorers of Art,  both high and low, including table top gaming. To cut a waffle short he said he hadn’t painted a figure for decades, so I chucked him a couple and what he came up with was pretty appalling. Being the eager otter he is he asked for more to try, so I gave him some more and they were appalling again. Neither of us were daunted by this so I slipped John the figures here, mainly Blue Moon Manufacturing gangster ones which are great for VBCW civvies.I do think he’s cracked it, aside from the girl with the opthalmic disorder, so a big “HURRAH!” for that. What he’d really like to know is what you think of them, especially as he’s interested in painting figures for folk but obviously not if you think he’s awful at it. S0 please oh please oh please leave a comment on this one.

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3 Responses to “It’s all Greek John to Me”

  1. Michael Awdry Says:

    I think Greek John done a pretty good job on these. Faces are always difficult but that said I see more and more just using shading and not bothering with doing the eyes. Pehaps worth a go on the next batch.

  2. james Brewerton Says:

    def leave out the eyes and more shade on the flesh. He needs to thin his paints out a bit, most important is to keep practicing

    peace James
    Exiles Painting

  3. Duane Blocker Says:

    For not having painted in decades, I’d say they are a very nice restart.

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