Tray Bon

Exciting isn’t the best way to describe the photo above, but it’s a cracking product from the ever brilliant Fenris Games, namely irregular movement trays. I’ve never used movement trays before because I don’t play the rank and file periods, and there’s not much scope in playing Nuremburg. Originally I bought these for zombie games as moving the eighty odd living dead became the biggest part of the game. On the left I’ve glued the two laser cut pieces together, and the next stage on the right was to put a little filler on it.

Now they’ve been spray undercoated in brown, PVA’ed and sprinkled with flock.

Then some longer static grass.

Finally a small sprinkle of flower flock.

Once a few miniatures have been added it’s apparant how versatile these actually are, these bases stand slightly proud because of my basing on a tuppence with a magnet on the bottom, and I’m really happy with them.

They’re also very handy for defining units, and keeping them together so games can be more about the play than the organisation -something which aways irritates me. I highly recommend them not only for price and quality but also for their damn-useful-for-gaming factor.

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One Response to “Tray Bon”

  1. Michael Awdry Says:

    Very exciting indeed! Will have to have some of these, they look great. I wish I’d seen them before I’d started building my own.

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