Wreck and Ruin

After the wildly positive private feedback on the ruins I made recently I decided to make a full set. Rather obviously this involved three times as much work to make it up to a set of four. Not so much a chore as a joy.

All joy has to be tempered by the gods so having boxed up the masters I opened up the twenty kilo drum of rubber to find I didn’t have enough to complete all three moulds. I scraped the bottom of the barrel to get as much done as possible and phoned through an order for new supplies and waited eagerly for delivery.

Lo and behold the completed set, which is available here, which I’m chuffed with and actually excited about getting some paint on. Hurrah!

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2 Responses to “Wreck and Ruin”

  1. david Says:

    Nice looking rubble piles.

    When I make one piece molds like that, I try to combine a few pieces together into the single mold. It’s a little larger mold, but you’ll save some rubber by not making two separate molds.

    For your’s, I would have used two of the larger pieces and created maybe one or two smaller pieces (a small pile of rubble with a tire or oil drum and a couple of extra bits as an example…enough for a single figure or two to duck behind) to go between them in the gap, for the single mold. So, each mold would create two larger rubble piles and two smaller piles.

    Then you could have made two larger molds rather than four smaller ones.

  2. Steve Clay Says:

    Nice work Phil! … Looking good mate.


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