Top of the Poppies

With both modelling and gaming the views of friends and family often veer towards them believing we’re a bit special, but not in a complimentary way. Occasionally that gentle misnomer devolves into a raised state bordering between simple insanity and being found fiddling with a farmyard animal. This project was one of those for me and my family, askew looks, whispering, and pledges of not mentioning it to anyone outside of the immediate tribe. That aside I’m now the owner for a very nifty looking opium poppy field – but be aware its for personal recreational use only.

Firstly I made a trip to the haberdashers for pins of several sizes and some small glass beads which could be slid on to the pins. These were then superglued to the heads of the pins to make the stalk with it’s capsule and the pin head as the crown. For the few flowering ones I sandwiched a sequin between the bead and the pin head. Once dried I ran two or three bands of superglue around the shaft of the pin and flocked it with a long fibrous flock. These were then sprayed and stuck into the furrows which are strips of cork glued onto an MDF base. A small amount of more flock around the base et voila!

mThere’s just shy of one hundred pins on this quite small field, but it’s a handy game prop and I may even make another – and then onto maize!

A photo how-to make these is available here.


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5 Responses to “Top of the Poppies”

  1. vampifan Says:

    That is truly inspired! I love it!

  2. Flädäm Says:

    Dopey shit!
    The pin + beads looks amazingly like the head of poppy. Well done!

    A larger picture would be nice though…

  3. Michael Awdry Says:

    Outstanding Phil! They look tremendous and there is nothing wrong with being a little ‘special’. The great and good Mrs. Awdry often uses the phrase, I always assumed as a term of endearment. 😉

  4. 6milphil Says:

    Glad you like them guys… there’s a larger picture in the how-to post which followed. Hope that helps.

  5. Za Rodinu Says:

    Something I never expected to see! Expect a knock on the door by a 28mm mm police squad 😀


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