Eureka Moment

Oh okay I’ve yet to add the finishing facial details but yet again old-boyish enthusiasm has overtaken completion and the resulting photos are here already. Over the past weekend I’ve tucked into a grand twenty-one Taliban figures, mainly those from the Eureka range pack of fifteen Armed Afghans bought via Ian at Fighting15s.  The five above will form the leading charactors in an upcoming campaign.

These figures are quite stunning sculpts, great variety in poses and uniform, and packed with charactor making them a joy to paint but not without hoping how you might have done them justice with your humble brush skills.

I have another couple of Eureka pieces to make, namely the rocket launcher and the mortar team, I’m looking forward to them. Until then I’m working on a plan to tow Australia a little closer so we might bask in more Eureka loveliness and not have to have their figures shipped all the way around the world.

Not content with one brand of neat figures I also got half a dozen Empress figures done, some of which I used before on a technical. My favourite being the sniper which’ll keep the opposition on their toes.

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One Response to “Eureka Moment”

  1. Burkhard Says:

    Great work! Had both the Empress and Eureka Arfghans until I decided not to wargame that conflict. They are great minis and you did them justice!

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