Salute 2012

Like thousands of pious gamers I made the annual pilgrimage to Excel to attend Salute yesterday, and it was it’s usual brilliant shiny self. Big thanks to everyone involved. Here are the pictures, the usual rules apply; if the photo is of your game or work then feel free to help yourself to a copy for your own use, a credit would be nice.


5 Responses to “Salute 2012”

  1. hellvern Says:

    Looks like it was bucketloads of fun! Feel gutted, I was at work dealing with the scumbums of blooming Brum. Defo will be at it next time around!

  2. Michael Awdry Says:

    Just one or two photographs then! another great event and I nearly plucked up enough courage to come and say hello – I’m such a coward! Loved ‘Ernie’ by the way, brilliant stuff.

  3. 6milphil Says:

    You should have done Michael, I only bite on a second date.

  4. Ray Says:

    Some excellent pics…nice one!!

  5. Sidney Roundwood Says:

    That’s a great haul of photos, Phil. I think you got all the games I saw but didn’t manage to snap as my camera battery died on me!

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