What me Warrior?

This perfectly scaled beauty is the Imprint Models “Warrior” which I hastened to finish after my dad-in-law got this tank done very quickly. This model comes with the extra armour which is standard now, but if you wanted an older version you just leave it off. There’s also a pair of draped camo nets supplied which I choose not to fit.

Again the quality is top notch making the entire experience enjoyable. Even thing fits together well with only a little bit of extra effort to fit the armour up kit.  Unlike the T72-M1 all the hatches are seperate, so you can fit crew if thats preferred over the buttoned-up version.

I’ve used Brookes Miniatures WMIK crews from Old Glory UK – they’re well priced and can be hacked to suit. I’ve painted the driver as Johnson Beharry prior to his Victoria Cross.

Effectively it’s the last vehicle for the regiment and it fits in well as a father figure to the smaller vehicles.



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6 Responses to “What me Warrior?”

  1. Allan Says:

    Very nicely done Phil.

    I hope Bob at imprint pays commissions as I can see myself ordering a few vehicles now.

    Happy Gaming!


  2. Burkhard Says:

    Very nice! Back when I bought mine it did not come with optional netting and I ould have wished that a crew would have been available back then!

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Allan I’m happy for him to sell a few more purely to reward his brilliance.
    Burkhard If you want the netting it’s yours for the postage mate. The Old Glory modern bits are a little bit slow coming but worth it I think.

    • Burkhard Says:

      THX for the offer Phil. Can you send me a picture so I,get an idea what kind of netting it is and where it would go on the Warrior and if it would fit the rest of the unit?

      Thank you,


  4. 6milphil Says:

    Sure, done.

  5. Anthony Meekings Says:

    Looks really good Phil. I may have to place an order in the near future.

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