Even more Bazaar

Filling out the Jihadistan project gave me the chance to paint these rather brilliant Eureka miniatures‘ middle eastern civilians. There’s also a couple of stalls but I haven’t quiet figured out the best way to base those so they can wait.  It’s easy to assume how simple figures are simple to sculpt, and the burqa clad ladies might ecourage that train of thought.

However I already have a couple of burqa wearers and they’re simple figures simply done whereas these have been much better made. Each figure has a distinct attitude in it’s carving making them look more like a moment frozen in time.

They’re also rather timeless, with the exception of the woman with carrier bags, so could fit in an ancient scenario right up to the modern day. Although I wouldn’t buy anything from the traders I’ll be knocking on Eurekas door again.

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2 Responses to “Even more Bazaar”

  1. Alan Says:

    Really good to see what you’ve done with these minis, Phil. I’m just about to start on the same collection of figures and will take inspiration from your approach. I agree, too, that my first impressions were they looked pretty simplistic, but the charter certainly comes out with a lick o paint! Must search to see if you’ve posted pictures of the stalls. I am also really interested to look at Eureka’s growing range of Somali (or generic African) civilians – although my first impression is they won’t mix well with these as they are much finer sculpts.

    • 6milphil Says:

      I’m glad you like them, they’re great fun- I’ve not done the stalls yet.. I’m not sure those figures won’t mix as both ranges are by the excellent Kosta Heristanidis.

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