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Versa Tile

October 3, 2012

A big thanks to my Dad-in-law Bob for spotting these and many other Wilko own-brand floor tiles. There’s a fair few which are suitable for the wargames table, follow the Wilko link to see them, including various flagstones in both grey and sandstone. The pack I got will be used for roads, and just in time because I need plenty of them¬† for an upcoming game, one pack cut in half will give me over twelve foot of roads, even more if I was using a s cale smaller than 28mm. Just ¬£5 a pack.

I’ve gone and taken photos of all of the ones which I thought were useful. The lightings not very good but you’ll get an idea. The texture is more printed than actual but there is a slight texture to them. Each photo is approximately six inches wide.

A rugged stone effect.

Mixed flagstone or crazy paving.

Sandstone flagstones.

Granite flagstones.

A sandy texture, roads perhaps?

Get your Clock out

February 6, 2011

Dug out this delightful little model which I picked up during our visit to Hornby Hobbies just after Christmas. Obviously it’s a Clocktower, which Hornby sell as a Jubilee Clock Tower. As you can see it’s slightly small for 28mm but will do very nicely, would fit 20mm rather perfectly but will be fine the the local campaign for VBCW.

Here’s a picture of the original, which is in 1/1 scale, in 1938. It was built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, although which one I haven’t a clue.

Some of the details are wrong, rather surprising given it’s source, but we’re still very happy with it and I’m tempted to fix machine guns into those portholes.