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Get a grip

March 10, 2011

It’s been a fair while since I found any real goodies at bargain prices so think of my delight at finding a couple during the mundane task of buying low calorie sandwiches for lunch with my loved one. The first I found on Tuesday in the shape of the vice above, which not only grips things really tightly but can also be angled plus it’s got a vacuum base will means you can secure it on any level surface and it’s not going to go anywhere. If I’d found this for around £15 I’d have been happy, so it’s an absolute snip at the £5.99 which it cost.

Secondly I found this box packed with dremel compatible goodies, which if they’d borne the Dremel logo would have cost an arm and a leg, but this set came in at just £3.99.

Both these bargains came from Aldi, and Mrs. Me informs me they tend to keep such offers for a week so if you’re interested it may well be time for you to visit your local branch.

Fenris Mightier than the Sword

February 10, 2011

One of the things I have truly enjoyed in having the Boy Slug corrupt me from uniquely gaming in 6mm is how you find small 28mm manufacturers all over the place and by sheer weight of numbers some of those are in your area. Having bought a few pieces from Fenris Game via their Ebay shop, then discovered they’re in the historic Chatham Dockyard (where Nelson’s Victory was built) I thought it might be time to impose upon both their hospitality and ears by visiting them. They kindly agreed to this imposition on their working day, and it also gave me a chance to buy a few bits and not have to pay postage! Having negotiated security we soon found their workshop, set behind the bright red doors of doom above.

Here’s Ian in his creative suite which at first he apologised for being messy, of course anyone into the hobby generates a mess and more often than not one man’s mess is another man’s fascinating pile of treasure – especially when it’s someone who runs a cottage industry. Fenris make a pile of goodies including bases, game props, movement trays, vehicles and most recently figures, the latter quite exciting because they’re good sculpts but only cast in resin. They’re not the cheapest figures cash can deliver but they’re special.

On the workbench was the wotk in progress which as you might expect makes just about everyone else’s work in progress look feeble. This is one of many pieces for a dragon. Given it’s 28mm the finished beast will be massive and very likely a must-have for fantasy players. Luckily in my spare time I’m a spy for Games Workshop so the two hundred photos I took of this piece earned me a pretty penny and expect to see it in GW shops by the end of the week but not so well cast. Seriously though this is the much awaited Heresy dragon and it’s quite stunning in scale as well as detail.

Talking of casting here’s the casting area, very interesting stuff which I really like to know more about. I did think of asking but the chaps were working and I didn’t want to bite into their valuable time. Even you, a mere reader, can see they’re busy, see how every available surface has something on it? I had a terrible urge to prod, touch, pick up, peek at from a very short distance just about every thing in here – I managed to repress such nosey drives with a cup of tea, and a good one at that, and picking out a few choice pieces as well as a set of their Investigators figures – mainly because they’re good generic figures but also because Slug wasn’t interested in anything but the figures. Ian did also show me some of his architectural work as well as one of the world’s best toys ever – his laser cutter. I’m still wrapping my brain around the possibilities of such a device – so Fenris may well have to put up with another visit in the near future.

Here’s the boy Slug, smiling now he has some more figures under his belt, with Rob and Ian. They’re a proper pair of gents, a credit to the industry, make really neat stuff and I hope I didn’t eat into their time too harshly. Thanks Fenris!