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Communistic work drive

September 6, 2009

DSCF2212One of the most positive effects the web has on the wargaming community is how competitive it makes us all, and just how that increases both the effort we all put in and the quality we strive for. I’m not exempt from this feverish mix of one-upmanship and public display of the Protestant work ethic. For a couple of weeks now I’ve regularly had my gast flabbered over at the 6mm forum run by Mike Angel by a number of users who seem to be amassing armies with the speed of an out of control rocket car but without the pyrotechnic delight of a huge fireball as a finale. Admittedly they’re forming ranks and files for Napoleonics, but none the less it does look as if within mere moments of the lead landing on their doormat they’re painted it, based it and posted the photos on the web.

So it was time for 6mil mansions to convert to a Stalinesque factory and see just how much I might be able to bash out. I started with eighty blank bases, and the attaching of adhesive magnets to them, each of which had to be cut to size from a roll. Next was scoring the top of each base to give a texture to make sure anything stuck to them stays stuck. Combined this simple combination of activities took Saturday afternoon, and strangely enough reminded me of having ingrown toenails removed, the only connection being how the latter is a much more fun filled way to spend an afternoon. Sunday was spent supergluing the figures onto bases, and where time allowed putting some texture onto the bases, the output in it’s entirity can be seen above, just over forty bases almost finished.

DSCF2213Obviously it’s good to get so much done in a single sitting, but in such a large number it did become a mite tedious. One great positive is it shows how my idea for using scenics details on command stands does help them really stand out. Above is an infantry command with a haystack on the base, look how well it sticks out from the trayful in the first picture, as well as the other command stands.

DSCF2214The same is true of what will become a sweet little command base of British Para’s tucked behind a fence with a track on the other side. Mixing Adler and GHQ figures seems to be working okay, and it gives a great variety to the stands. As these get completed I’ll be posting photos, but I’m not sure I want to try another Stalin inspired mad production drive, it is quite dull and, as if further explanation were needed, it show why communism was bound to fail.

Paint it black

August 27, 2009

DSCF2017Well not just black of course, I do like our greens and greys too. Just had a few figures painted by a local painter who doesn’t do the web so you’ll find this is probably the only example of his work on the web. Paul Harrison lives in Margate and specialises in very neat custom built wargames buildings, however he paints figures too so I cornered him a while back to do a small batch for me and above you can see what he’s managed with some Adler.

I’m happy with them especially as he’s a mite cheaper than most, my only gripe being they came back in the bags they left in with no additional wrapping so some of the paint has rubbed off the bases as you can see. If you fancy getting him to do some for you the only contact is by phone and his number is 01843 227292. Tell him 6milPhil sent you.

Dig We Must

August 1, 2009

DSCF1748A simple pair of bases of German engineers using Adler figures, the chap lying down is digging out a mine, with his bayonet no doubt.

DSCF1745Decided to do these with very little flock, so they look quite muddy but to break it up I’ve put quite a few rocks and stones on it. Simple but effective, and makes them stand out from more regular units.

Gun but not forgotten

August 1, 2009

DSCF1704A pair of German anti-tank guns, using GHQ guns and Adler crew. Despite the larger size of the Adler figures I really like the poses they come in, plus their famous larger heads really help you identify units from a distance, solving a problem many suggest 6mm suffers. DSCF1705It’s only now I notice I haven’t painted the end of the barrels, but then I was concentrating on the spent shells and the boxed ammo, a pair of nice details included in Adler packs.

DSCF1710Likewise with this pair of British anti-tank guns.Luckily I keep a paintbrush with me at all times, so they’ll be finished by the time you read this.

DSCF1711Quite a good side shot of them, showing how you can enjoy different layouts of crew, whereas the GHQ ones are a single identical cast piece.

Super troopers

August 1, 2009

DSCF1742Having a pile of figures painted by the very talented Phil of Firezone Studios which I’ve choosen to base I thought I’d make an effort to do a few special bases not just for the sake of it but because massed based infantry can look very samey, and so a different look for a few different bases can help you keep track of them on the battle field. Often you can find the charge you’ve made with your engineers actually involved light infantry, and the engineers are tucked behind a hedge giving covering fire. Above is a bunch of panzerfaust welding Germans making their way through long grass.

DSCF1744The effect is easy. The figures were based as usual, and a standard layer of flock was applied to cover the entire base except were you want the paths of the troops. Then it’s layer upon layer of static grass, I used four, after each one I used the blunt end of a small paintbrush to trace the pathways in the direction of travel which actually sets the gras to be pointing in the right way. I like this effect enough to be planning to try it with a vehicle next.

DSCF1754Here’s two PIAT crews on a much simpler base. “But wait…” I hear you cry “That’s only one crew!”. Well you’ve fallen into my visual trap, and your vision panzer is now in flames.

DSCF1755The other crew is doing what they do best, well after taking out tanks with a spring fired anti-tank weapon, and hiding in the bushes. I can only hope it’s this easy on the table top.

Commanding View

August 1, 2009

DSCF1688A couple of command bases for the excellent Blitz Krieg Commander now, above a Panther of unknown make, a GHQ Steyer-Daimler, with a mix of GHQ and Adler figures. The tank commander has been adapted, his helmet filed to look like a beret.

DSCF1702Here a GHQ Churchill and jeep, GHQ and Adler figures, and a tiny map laid out on the bonnet of the jeep. The map is a nice touch I think, and easy to do so long as you don’t start with a piece of paper that small. Instead use a larger piece, and paint the map in one corner, this makes it easy to handle, when you’re happy with it cut it to size and glue into place.