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Not a Tankless Task

September 6, 2012

A great weight has been lifted off the shoulders of the workers at Slug Industries seeing as we’ve finally got our latest, and hopefully greatest, model finished. Not a simple one this, with around forty hours on the build alone, seperate moulds for components, and the hot weather mucking up the paintjob on the first cast, but only after full highlighting. In other words a bit of a pain.

Here’s the first paintjob shortly before a lot of the surfaces simply started to crack. A few attempts at repair later and other cracks and flakes appeared. Casting another and painting that proved to be quicker.

The rear door which shows the riveting quite well.

The armoured radiator, which looks flat although it’s made of semi circular tubing, and the Dambuster style headlights. The idea being that they’re adjustable, so you could set a rang to them and when the merged lights lit up a target it’s at the predeterminde range. Probably worth a +1 on any dice roll – if it’s at night.

The first wheel layout. Ending up putting two extra pairs in after Orkdung over at VBCF quite rightly pointed out how it looked under powered. Figure gives a sense of scale.


War Criminal

February 23, 2011

During the fight for the Thanet Way the bully boy BUF blatantly attacked a harmless group of Choir Boys from Margate resulting in the murder of one of them. Only the intervention of a nearby G.O.D. saved them from further mindless slaughter. Anglican League brigades are requested to print and circulate the above poster in the hope of tracking down the evil man who ordered such a cowardly attack and bringing him to the justice of both mankind and divine being.

Note: This post is humour, Tony is neither a fascist nor a child killer, no one was killed, and hopefully you’re smart enough to understand this without a disclaimer.