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Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me

September 19, 2009

DSCF2250Having bought a pile of Irregular Miniature trees from Angel Barracks the other day it didn’t take long for me to think of something to use them all up in one go, even if I’m getting short of bases for scenics. So on my last 75mm square base I decided it was time to make an orchard, made incredibly simple by using the metal trees from Irregular which, along with all their trees and bushes, are some of my favourite bought-in scenics.

Okay so I’ve sprayed the trees and set them to one side, and it’s on to setting the tree bases onto the scenic bases as seen above, easy enough.

DSCF2251Next I’ve slopped on the Basetex, which is one of the fastest ways of getting a lot of texture across a large area. Bastex is another product available from Irregular. You can make your own by mixing sand and paint, but I’m far too lazy for that nonsense. At this rate the whole scenic is becoming a gaming equivalent of a three minute omlette and having buggered about with nothing but bases of infantry the other week hurrah for that.

DSCF2253Next it’s onto the hedging, and I’m using up Javis flexible hedging to hedge the entire orchard. Now I’m a big fan of most things Javis as it’s typically good materials and well-priced. However this flexible hedging, along with their flexible walls, is awful from the moment you start to touch it. The flocks falls off at every opportunity so there’s bits everywhere as I cut this about to make it look less regular. I keep the off cuts though as they can make good small patches of even rougher hedging.

DSCF2265Right I’ve painted the textured base brown, given it a wash, stuck the flexible hedging on and flocked it roughly, stuck on the gate, another Irregular gem, and flocked the base itself. I’ve done the last stage as if it’s a regularly trodden orchard, city types probably imagine orchards are visited once a year to pick the fruit, but it’s not so, there’s always plenty of pruning, pollenating, wandering around shooting the rabbits and even visits around Christmas to collect mistletoe if it’s an apple orchard.


A final coat of static grass to give it that high summer look and it’s time to stick the trees into those handy holes.

DSCF2281Here’s the finished piece, I’ve made a point of making the greens of the grass, the hedges and the trees three distinct tones as this is how the countryside looks to me. Had I used the same tones for all three it would look quite flat and more like a roundabout in Milton Keynes than a delightful orchard secreted in the Normandy countryside. A very simple scenic for anyone to try, and with metal trees a weighty one too.

Inglorious Maquisards

August 26, 2009

DSCF2011I was wandering around the 6mm forum which Mike Angel has very generously created when I saw a stand of the Irregular Miniatures figures above. I can’t recall what they actually are, something Wellingtonic* I believe, but Mike is a regular reader so hopefully he’ll share via the comments.

Anyhow on seeing these I did think they’d make good figures for armed civilians from WW2 namely brave members of the Maquis, or Free French. Rather craftily I convinced the overwise over worked Mike to paint them up for me and include them in my latest order for more haystacks, which he’s done and rather well I think.

Of course I’ve yet to seperate them and base them, and being limited to a dozen figures I’ll base them four to a base as three bases is about all I’ll need in minor supporting roles for SOE and para scenarios I’m working on.

*Wellingtonic; An alternative name for the period often called Napoleonic, but named after the British victor rather than the French loser which makes much more sense to me.

Giant Haystacks

August 7, 2009


Recently I had a few goodies from Mike Angel which included three haystacks. The moment I saw them the scenic above sprang into my head. I also had some of those wire brush trees and I decided to use one of those, but only after tarting it up a bit as they’re all a bit samey. I did this by cutting a few chunks out of it to give it a less regular shape, liberally covering it with PVA glue and then reflocking it so it looked more like… well, a tree.

DSCF1837The fields were done as I’ve shown before, with the addition of working out where I wanted the haystacks to be and drawing pencil circles around then before applying the wheat stuble. For the hedging I decided to go for a more realistic hedgerow with a mix of everything, plus a small path running down one side. It’s a tidy little scenic, and yes you can fit a vehicle or troop base between the haystacks.

Fortify yourself

August 1, 2009

DSCF1766There are few things I won’t attempt to scratchbuild myself, one of those rarities are dragon’s teeth. I don’t know what it is about them but on the few times I’ve decided to have a bash I’ve always found something else to do instead. Luckily for me Mike over at Angel Barracks makes them so I decided to buy a few, some painted to get an idea of his skills and some unpainted so I could have a close look at the casting job. Above you can see the large zig zag ones which are a bargain at £2.75 painted or £1.75 unpainted, and at 155mm long and 25mm deep they’re a sizeable addition to anyone’s scenics. Quite by chance their width is just slightly (3mm) wider than a lot of my standard building bases, including the last bunker I built. So they’ll fit in perfectly.

DSCF1770I also ordered these haystacks, which are a lovely little detail which most gamers don’t have and at 30p painted or 20p unpainted won’t break the bank. I’ve already started on a scenic which will feature these so check back in the next week or so and see what they inspired.