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Sheddy steady go!

February 11, 2011

The drive towards using one thousand coffee stirrers in scratchbuilding continues with this farm hut/woodland shack made as part of an ever expanding farm set. Yes I did use even more Army Painter Ivy leaves which have become a regular addition to my rural buildings.

The roof is plasticard, cut in scale correct sizes and quite heavily weather, with a mix of rusty tones of paint and oil pastels, with a lot of smudging and plenty of slightly different coats. On one side of the roof there’s a small repair as well as a missing sheet.

The timbers were coated with mock plaster which is allowed to dry for about 30 seconds and then brushed in the direction of the grain. This not only fills most gaps in the planking but also gives it a very aged look.

I painted almost the whole thing in this delightful green, which you see in a similar shade all around the countryside, especially on corrugated iron. The corrugation on this model is plasticard.

As per bleeding usual, the roof comes off to allow the full doll’s house experience. The interior has beensprayed, washed, gloss varnished and then matt varnished. I have left one corner for a stove or boiler, if I can source one – does anyone know of such a thing? If so please leave a comment.

A relatively simple build except for the roof, but I always have troubles upstairs – but with each one it is getting better.