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It’s all Greek John to Me

January 18, 2012

Having moved back to my home town last year I’ve started bumping into old chums who never managed to travel the vast distance involved to see me where I lived previously. One of these is Greek John who I’ve known from when we were all skinny, lithe limbed and stupid. We were both adorers of Art,  both high and low, including table top gaming. To cut a waffle short he said he hadn’t painted a figure for decades, so I chucked him a couple and what he came up with was pretty appalling. Being the eager otter he is he asked for more to try, so I gave him some more and they were appalling again. Neither of us were daunted by this so I slipped John the figures here, mainly Blue Moon Manufacturing gangster ones which are great for VBCW civvies.I do think he’s cracked it, aside from the girl with the opthalmic disorder, so a big “HURRAH!” for that. What he’d really like to know is what you think of them, especially as he’s interested in painting figures for folk but obviously not if you think he’s awful at it. S0 please oh please oh please leave a comment on this one.

Have a Gander – a propaganda

April 16, 2011

Here’s a small treat for all you folk who won’t be at Salute 2011, it’s my humble offering which will be on the table of the VBCW game being run by Red Rich. It’s a conversion of a Blue Moon Manufacturing resin vehicle into a BUF propaganda wagon. The biggest problem was the base vehicle, which had it been cast by Fenris would have been declared a miscast. It was full of bubbles, bent and skewed, missing a piece and had I not picked it up for a bargain from Red Knight games with this project in mind I’d have been furious at the quality, or lack of it.

The van section is just 1mm plasticard topped with a white metal replacement part for a Dinky toy from Ebay, and was just the shape I was after. The drivers side bears a large poster which I put together, and which you can help yourself to.

The rear just has a door, a couple of windows, and two posters but what’s that on the passenger side?

Why it’s the mobile BUF book shop, very popular as even the passenger is reading a book. Both he and the driver have been made with those brilliant plastic Warlord/Bolt Action Brits but with Gripping Beast heads so they have the caps which my BUF wear. There’s also a collection of informative posters, including a couple by gents of GWP.

Here a delightful young lady offers all the latest BUF literature, which is all made from actual front covers of BUF booklets cunningly shrunken down to the right size. Although not clear in the photo most have readable titles and on the newspapers you can make out the headlines.

One of the reasons the van is so boxy and large is so it can fit a small mpeg player inside. This is connected to a speaker which allows the speeches of Moseley to be played during a game, along with the occasional marching song, Now if that doesn’t convert the British to fascism nothing ever will.

Of course a picture paints a thousand words, and video paints at least seventeen more, so here’s a video of the Propaganda Wagon in action, excuse the wobbly camera as I only have three arms.

Zombie Mob News

November 4, 2009

DSCF2535At last I’ve completed the Blue Moon zombie set which were my first purchase of zombies and what a pile of fun they’ve proved to be. To see them all together is a joy, and I’m thinking around one hundred zombies would be the best amount to collect to be able to get a good game on. I’m posting many of them in bigger photos with front and rear views, it’s the way Bryan does it over at his blog, but he’s effectively insane when it comes to zombies so I’m not so sure how long I’ll be doing it for.


The chap on the left has been given a full face rip, while the two young ladies are pretty straightforward. The interesting point about all zombie paint jobs is it’s hard to imagine a bad way to paint them. This isn’t a slight on anyone’s painting, more a call to freeform painting, nor is it to say the sculpting is poor as it’s top notch on these, the only mild observation is how many have banana hands.


Nothing special on the rear bar the mucky stringy mess on the foot of the lady in the middle, which is a mix of general purpose adhesive and that Tamiya Clear Red everyone raves about.


A pretty trio, the soldier on the left was painted by the boy slug, and rather smartly I think. The chap on the right has been lucky enough to have some guts added.

DSCF2505Many of these have open hands screaming out for the addition of a few guts, and I’ve tried a few ways of doing it which I’ll share in a later post. What I must mention is how the lack of uniformity to the zombie genre makes them a very good proposition for a group project, Slug’s soldier and the others he’s done fit right in with the ones I’ve done.

DSCF2508A couple of these have featured before, but I think these photos are probably better. I can’t put my finger on it but I find something really funny about a zombie missing a shoe.

DSCF2509A small amount of goop has been added to the ladies charming stump.

DSCF2513Three very good figures, the first another Slug job, the others by me. Plenty of exposed bones on mine plus an added trophy organ.

DSCF2514Missing chunks aplenty, first chaps lost the back of his skull so no more University Challenge for him, middle bloke has a hole in his arse, while the dude on the end has lost a lot of lower leg.

DSCF2517The final three close-ups with lots of wounds all screaming out for a good dab. Typically I’m painting zombies internals pink, brushing that with a red blood and after matt varnishing coming back and high lighting with Tamiya Clear Red, which dries both translucent and high gloss and gives the look of fresh running blood.

DSCF2518This trio waves goodbye as we reach the end of this post. I highly recommend this Blue Moon set of figures, which I haven’t seen mentioned as much as other ranges. Twenty well sculpted figures for around a quid a piece and suitable as addition to any Zombie hoarde or as a starter set.

Dead Eyed

October 16, 2009

DSCF2485smHere’s another pair of figures from Blue Moon, they’re well posed and good looking zombies, and fun to paint once you get the hang of them. Expect another sixteen of these to come, the only problem I’m having is more photographic ones. There’s certainly a knack to them which I hope to develop soon. The Tamiya Clear Red works well, and at the moment I’m using it sparingly, almost as a wound highlighter. It’s not that evident where I’m using it in the photos, but as per usual the photo image and what something looks like in real life are eons apart.

Nice couple

October 13, 2009

DSCF2466smHere’s the first pair of finished figures from Blue Moon Manufacturing’s second box of zombies. Due to aging eyes I’ve not painted a 6mm figure for absolutely ages, so it was interesting and fun to have a bash even if it was on massive 28mm ones. It was also my first chance to use TCR or Tamiya Clear Red, as recommended by Vampifan via his blog. It’s a translucent red which dries with a high gloss and so looks like wet blood when dried. Charming stuff and one of the oddest paints I’ve ever used. You might be able to spot where I’ve used it on the miniatures above.

The entrails being devoured by the zombie on the right are an addition, a quick mix of general purpose glue and pink paint, glued into place when dry, and then liberally highlighted with the TCR. A reasonable finished figure I think.