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Day of the Jackal

April 10, 2012

These vehicles from S and S models have been sitting on my to-do pile for far too long, so I bit the bullet and set about completing this pair of Jackals and a solo Snatch Landrover.

For Ultra-Modern these are a must really – especially if, like me, you don’t really go in for Yanks too much. They weren’t as easy a build for two reasons: the first being how I’d stored them, their components, plus a Sloppy Jalopy Saxon all together. The second being how these don’t fit together as easily as I’d have liked.

After a hint of Sherlock Holmes I’d worked out which piece was which, so the first problem was solved. Then on with the build, I decided against filling the bubbles leaving them to look like bullet holes instead.

Most difficult was seating the crew, well sticking them in was easy enough but matching up arms with steering wheels or weapons was not straitforward, some pieces need to be trimmed down if you want a pose other than arms up in a kind of surrender.

The Snatch was similar, the steering wheel as supplied would only fit if you didn’t want a driver.

Handily the stowage kits they supply are really handy especially when mixed with a few scratchbuilt pieces.

As you can see the underside has seen a fair amount of small arms fire.

On patrol they do look good though, and on bounding overwatch very likely to scare the bodily fluids from the enemy.

Don’t get the Hump

April 10, 2012

The Jihadistani war drive continues at a good rate, bulking out the forces I have so far to make more realistic sides. This isn’t too difficult given how I mainly have infantry, lots of infantry. One thing I did want was camels for carting supplies around in a campaign. I got the pair above from the chum known as Eastern Barbarian on GWP so no real idea who makes them. They’re the first camels I’ve painted in 28mm and I really enjoyed them, but they don’t look as good in the photo as they do in real life. Shame on you digital photography!

This is an Assault Group’s Taliban firing M60, which I’ve set on a different base to the one supplied. The supplied one is brilliant, featuring a dead Terry Taliban which the gunner sets his gun across.

I’m setting all the support teams on the same base just to keep it simple. I got Fenris Games to cut these ones for me and they can supply them at exactly the size you want.

There are three figures to this set as well as a couple of spare ammo boxes. As I’m trying to keep these bases small for maximum utility on the game table I decided to base him seperately.

There’s enough pieces to a set to make multiple bases quite different. A nice touch.

Next up is a British Mortar and Crew – a delightful set which I’m looking forward to using.

I’ve painted them in the new British MTP pattern camo, but from memory as I don’t own anything in this pattern yet.  I’ve added some SA-80s from Hasslefree as they seemed a little under-supplied when it came to small arms.

One thing I would have liked would have been a box or two of shells, but I didn’t have the time to scratchbuild a couple especially as I’m not sure what they look like.

Finally the British GPMG – a neat trio which I just about managed to squeeze onto the base.

I did have a little trouble getting both the gunner and loader in place with this one.

Blimey, thanks to this photo I’ve just noticed the sugaring on the observers legs. This has set me scurrying off to check the model only to be relieved in being able to dust it off…

…God Bless digital photography!

Tome Raider

February 27, 2012

Being an avid reader of the printed word especially when it comes to most things about military history I’m surprised at myself at not really mentioning books on this blog, typically leaving any suggestion or recommendation to the forums I visit. Mentioning this one isn’t neccessarily the turning of the tide, but I notice a great increase in interest in operations in Afghanistan so thought I’d mention it. This Tankograd publication “Task Force Helmand” is the first of theirs I’ve bought mainly because they’re usually far too specialised for me. Specialised in that I’m not that interested in a single vehicle to have a book just about it, I prefer one book one whole subject which this is.

And what a book! Not only are there multiple photos of every piece of kit, but they’re all taken in theatre. This does make me marvel at the dedication of Carl Schulze the author. Sure I’ve a thousand or so photos of lots of military vehicles most taken in a field in Kent, or at places like Bovington Tank Museum. To travel all the way to Afghanistan, a very active war zone, in pursuit of photographs for this book in incredible as well as ever so mildly suggestive of some insanity. Not that it’s a bad thing – it’s the kind of insanity in which we share to a greater or lesser degree and which should be celebrated. Not least it’s created an outstanding reference book which I can’t recommend highly enough. A must-read for the modern British Army enthusiast or gamer.

One flew over the machine gun nest

July 5, 2011

Regular readers will recall my conversion towards table mats and drinks coasters as bases for structures thanks to Daring Dan. Someone gave me four old drinks coaster for this very purpose and here is the last one finally finished. It’s a machine gun nest for the jungle made mainly of cork cut to strips, DIY filler, and coffee stirrers. There’s a bit of various flocks, a plastic plant but most effective is the spagnum moss donated by Wobbly Steve.

It’s a very simple build, crudely slapped together and saved by the filler render and the liberal use of flocks and moss. I did try to make it as unobvious a bunker as possible. When I find my hessian I will cut some to cover both gun port and door and remove the contrast they produce.

As is my preference I’ve made it so you can get inside with enough room for a based machine gun and crew. The interior could do with further detailing. Perhaps a pin-up of Betty Grable or a photo of the Emporer.

It’s a jolly piece which I like a lot not least for it’s simplicity as well as another coaster based project where the base didn’t warp in the slightest. HURRAH!