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Oh my G.O.D.

February 14, 2011

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise, you’ll find some Anglican League hiding in a shed with some bizarre weapons. These little beauties are Warlord/Bolt Action Brits, but the plastic ones combined with various bits – some hacked off those free Daleks everyone’s got tons of. When I first heard about these Bolt Action plastics over at the Gentleman’s Wargaming Parlour I must plead guilty to allowing an innate white metal snobbery to take over my thoughts. Then one of the wiser denizens pointed out how neat they’d be for conversions and hacks – and he was right.

The last conversion I did was a BUF standard bearer, which being metal was more of a chore than great hobby fun. These are much more like it and very quick to get to a finished object, which can be half the battle with any small project. I started on these Friday night and now on Sunday I have something which only needs varnishing and base detailing – simple finishing flourishes.

“But what the bleeding hell are they?” I hear you think. These are Gas Ordnance Detachments, they consist of a gas lancer and a pump man. Basically pumping the lance produces an ejaculation of odious substances to drive the enemy from the field – what could possibly go wrong? If two detachments are combined you have a god squad.

The only minor niggle in this otherwise delight packed project was after putting the metal gas masked heads on the figures became uselessly top heavy, but that’s really generating a whinge for the sake of it. This weekend proved incredibly productive including another more recognisable Daleky modification, a building and some fields – when finished they’ll all feature on here.

At last my Anglican League Forces can truly claim G.O.D is on their side, and even aetheists can’t doubt it. Tally Ho!

Exterminate! Extermin-whoops!

February 11, 2011

There’s been no small excitement amongst British sci-fi gamers from the cover mounted joy of a Dalek army on the front of children’s magazine Dr Who Adventures. Many fully grown men, myself included, rushed to the newsagent to buy several copies and thereby upsetting legions of children who can’t understand why the big mean bearded men have bought six copies of their favourite comic leaving the shelves bare.

Nano seconds later threads started appearing on forums with examples of paintjobs, so it’s only fair to share my Work in Progress with the very same models. Can you tell what it is yet?