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Chance is a fine thing

October 31, 2011

Here’s both the turn and chance cards which we used for the Big Demo Game Kent. I really like turn cards because should a player get a few turns in a row it presents the opportunity for a player to manage something historic. I’m not sure anyone else agrees with me but they put up with it when I’m running a game. The Zulus at Islawana very much had a few turn cards in a row, while at Rorke’s Drift it was the British for whom the cards fell neatly. Having justified my position in the vacuum of the blog with no one to disagree on with the freebies.

Simply click on these images to take you to the high resolution version and save those to print out. I hope they might be of some use to you… bear in mind one of them involves buying me a pint, and I must insist that doea apply wherever you might be playing – probably best to put it in the wood for me, or buy a can so it doesn’t go flat.

Newsagent Provocateur

September 19, 2011

Many of you may recall the BUF propaganda wagon I made for Red Rich’s superb demo game of VBCW at Salute 2011. Each book or paper was an actual BUF publication shrunk down, printed out and folded to look like it does. So as unexciting as the image below looks here’s your chance to make your own for whatever you’re working on.

These also include a fine poster by a gent on GWP, and something I didn’t get around to using… the Moseley picture discs. I’ve also used these on bases, and hanging on a hook outside an outdoor toilet. There’s also a poster by GWP’s Bungle, which is one of only two posters by other folk I’ve ever used, it’s that brill. They’re totally free and you just have to click on the image above and save or print it.

War Criminal

February 23, 2011

During the fight for the Thanet Way the bully boy BUF blatantly attacked a harmless group of Choir Boys from Margate resulting in the murder of one of them. Only the intervention of a nearby G.O.D. saved them from further mindless slaughter. Anglican League brigades are requested to print and circulate the above poster in the hope of tracking down the evil man who ordered such a cowardly attack and bringing him to the justice of both mankind and divine being.

Note: This post is humour, Tony is neither a fascist nor a child killer, no one was killed, and hopefully you’re smart enough to understand this without a disclaimer.

Poster Boy

February 18, 2011

Every now and again you stumble across an image which is screaming out to be used in a gaming context, so imagine my hearty whooping when I tripped over the one above which, with the addition of a little text makes an excellent recruitment poster, either for WWI or the ever wonderful VBCW. To use simply save the image above and for 28mm use print it out at around 10% size for a suitably high resolution version to plaster your model building walls with, or even print them out larger and wallpaper your favourite room in the house with them.

Grin and standard bear it

January 4, 2011

In my Christmas Day post, auto- scheduled to allow me to drink copiously I assure you, I gave you a couple of VBCW banners and here’s the figures Iwas working on which I hacked the flags together for. The figure is a simple conversion from a Crusader Miniatures command pack. The hardest part was putting the longer puttees on him, as this is the dress code for all our BUF forces, for which I had to Dremel away the old puttees and then greenstuff the puttees and blouse out the bottom of his trousers. The bulk of the painting was done by the boy Slug, even if it was a reluctant distraction from all things airborne, delivered by parachute and filling his painting tray.

Detailing the piece was great fun, first was the paving on the tuppence with greenstuff, I’ve made up a copy of the BUF “Blackshirt” paper to decorate it. Only in writing this have I noticed the brush hair stuck on his back… as soon as I did I went straight to the figure and removed it. This shows how wargaming may well be some form of obsessive behaviour, and leaves me wishing I’d become addicted to mindless sex with pert blondes instead.

The flag head was made from a button, with the fascist flash sculpted from more greenstuff. It’s a difficuly thing to sculpt because it does look as if it’s too far to the right… but that’s the BUF all over isn’t it?

In comparison the new Anglican League bearer is very simple, using one of the totally fab Musketeer Miniatures civilian figures. The Vicar is seen standing on the grass next to the pathway to his church. He’s wearing the new “Anglican” tweed. The small cross atop is a silver piece of jewellery which I’ve then painted silver. This looks much better than my poor sculpting as seen on the earlier VBCW bearer.

If you’ve used any of the flags or banners I’ve shared then please let me see a picture of them, with a view to posting them on here. It might seem a dreadful vanity, but if you’d like more in the future I’ll have to jolly well insist you bounders.

VBCW Flags of Convenience

December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas! Following the popularity of the other banner which I shared here’s a pair of new ones as our present to you all. The one above is for the Anglican League, featuring the symbol of the Anglican church against the Cross of St George. The one below is for the British Union of Fascists, with the BUF symbol against the Union Jack.

To take a copy just click on the image and either save it to your hard drive or print it straight out. Then’s it’s yours to do with as you see fit. To get a reasonable sized printout at a good resolution I’m typically printing these out at between 5-15% scale, but play around you can make them any size you might need. If you use them please take photos of what you used them for and share them with me, I’d be fascinated to see where they might end up.

Bill Posters is innocent

November 21, 2010

Regular readers might recall I spent far too long being really nice to everyone by sizing up some BUF Flags for banners, armbands, etc, and putting them up here for all and sundry. Now I’ve put together a collection of posters and newspaper covers aimed at the VBCW crowd. Simply click on the image above and it’ll take you to a super hi-res version which you can save and print out for your own use. You may want to play about with the scale of your print out to get the exact effect you want for whichever scale you choose to play. Most of them are political, apart from the Bovril one, but I like Bovril so I included it. If you find these handy please leave a comment below, it let’s me know I’m not simply typing to myself and could lead to more useful posts similar to this.