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Benny Hill

May 13, 2009

DSCF1048If we didn’t have hills where would we be? That’s right Holland. Any game set outside of Holland likely needs a hill or two, and in this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a simple one. My idea for this one is to produce a hill which can only be accessed from one side and offers a good firing point over the surrounding terrain for around three or four bases. To start I’ve cut a long strip of 3mm plasticard (or styrene as our seppo chums call it) about 25mm high. I want a curve to this piece so I’ve bent it around a kitchen jug of suitable size, held it in place with a rubber band, and immersed it for a few minutes in very hot water. Take the plasticard out of the water let it cool and then remove it, lo and behold it holds the shape. Glue this onto your base. Nothing will endear you to your partner or family like taking over the kitchen sink for your hobby like this will so I suggest you try it today.

DSCF1050A little more bending to get the sides which will form the ramp and some supports for the lid. I’ve gone for the belt and braces approach by first supergluing this into place, and once dried coming back and coating those joins with PVA glue. It might be excessive, but should any of this become loose later on you’d be in trouble.

DSCF1052The hill slope has been added, and does look far too regular but this will be dealt with later.

DSCF1054The hill top “lid” has been added with a lip all the way around, and any remaining gaps covered with thin plasticard.

DSCF1055Then, with more thin and easily bent plasticard, a bit of irregularity has been added all the way around. The base is best clamped during drying for every stage from now on, otherwise you can end up with a scenic which looks like a magic fish.

DSCF1057Next is the sloppy walloping on of Basetex. The first coat is best just boshed on with a palette knife, later coats can be more sculptural and get the kind of look you’re after. This part is a near-delirious joy, although contact between Basetex and clothing, carpets or pets may reduce the fun factor.

DSCF1064The hill sides have had more work to them, trees glued on and Basetex added around them, plus the slope up made less regular. Also a few stones have been pushed into the Basetex. I’ve made a couple of trees of a different hue to make it look more realistic, with the Chinese railway trees I’ve twisted two together to make each one, this makes a bushier and older looking tree. This does make the paint on the wire trunks crumble off though. All this was done in smaller sections and the base clamped to the table for drying.

DSCF1080First coat of paint has been applied as well as a darker wash to bring out the detail. Also the tree trunks have been repainted. IF you’re looking for a purely muddy feature this is about as far as you’ll want to go.

DSCF1081The first couple of coats of flock start to bring the hill to life. I’ve used my standard mix flock, some darker green and then some patches of longer summer flock.

DSCF1082A little more flocking to add the finishing touch. The hill is then matt varnished with a spray to remove any shine from visible dried PVA glue. A pleasant and simple feature and one likely to be a nightmare should your enemy get to it first.