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Compound Interest

September 25, 2010

From my highly evolved research for playing ultra modern Afghanistan I’ve kept my eyes on a number of sources when it comes down to the architecture of the area. One surprisingly informative source has been Ross Kemp’s documentories on Afghanistan, which tend to focus on the rural areas and give a very good view of things, plus these are all available on Youtube¬† so anyone can watch them.

A few things seem self-evident about Afghans and their homes, they do like their privacy and so rarely seem to have exterior windows, plus they like to put high walls around everything. Also everything looks ancient, irregular and roughly finished, so that does make modelling easier and a bit more fun.

These photos show the bulk of the compounds I’ve made.¬† For these I decided to use MDF of 3mm and 6mm thickness. This did mean drilling and jigsawing doorways and windows, which rapidly became a chore rather than a hobby, but thankfully they’re quite crude buildings with few of both. The walls sections and bases were all pinned and glued together, although I have gone for the baseless look which I think suits them better.

The roofs are typically all drop ins and removable for playing inside the buildings. The walls have all been finished with the very wonderful Basetex from Irregular Miniatures, a fun packed endeavour verging on finger painting. The floors were coated with PVA glue, covered with sand, and then painted just before the whole thing was washed with a dirty finish.

The final result varies between the okay and the reasonably good. MDF is solid but you can’t do much with it without power tools and getting covered in dust. These models all weigh on the heavy side, and could easily be used to clobber opponents to death and very likely without damaging the paintwork. Appealing as that might be the hunt continues for a better and faster way of making things.

Figures used for scale are Eureka US Marine Scout and Stan Johansen Miniatures Jihad Civilian ranges, and very nice they are too.