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Euro Miltaire 2012

September 24, 2012

It was the yearly pilgrimage to Folkestone for the talent showcase which is Euro-Militaire on Saturday and the Boy Slug, Captain Stinky and myself dutifully made our way down there bathed in sunshine. Although the quality gap between modellers and gamers work is shrinking year on year there is one glaring difference between the two, namely the price of everything. Model kits and accessories are hair-whiteningly expensive in comparison but the modellers don’t seem to mind. Big thanks to the ladies on the door for their friendly welcome, although I do think many visitors don’t bring themselves to say “Good Morning” to them. Why I couldn’t say.

Bumped into Jason Salkey, who is well-known to Salute visitors, otherwise known as Rifleman Harris from the TV series Sharpe’s Rifles, also chums Daring Dan, Fascist Child Killer Tony and a few lads from the local gaming club. The most intriguing stall was the Airfix one showing their much anticipated 1/48th modern British models, which were very nice but they just had a display and not a single one for sale.

Despite the great organisation and obvious efforts by all involved a couple of gripes remain. One is the number of visitors who insist on wearing large rucksacks in a well attended and therefore crowded show. Typically they move as if they weren’t wearing them, sending the uninitiated flying. Regulars have in turn developed their own techniques for dealing with them from braced standing to returning shoves and it doesn’t help the atmosphere.  The second is the lighting in the display and competition rooms, which is only a problem if you’re taking photographs – and there’s a lot of folk snapping away. Gripes aside it’s a cracking show and as the European wide attendance shows it’s worth making the effort to pay it a visit.

Here’s just over a hundred photos from the weekend, mainly stuff which took my eye, had reasonable light and wasn’t too crowded to get near.

Should anyone know the story behind the photo of Ken’s Cup, featured above, I’d love to hear it.

Track and Ruin

February 27, 2012

This is a unique post about a show in being a non-photo special – namely because it wasn’t until I got to Dover I noticed I’d forgotten my camera.  Regardless of this slight error we pushed on to the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone for the On Track model show. Five quid entrance fee with children going free might seem a little steep but in the modellers world it’s bargain, and this is a solid reason why gamers should go to modelling shows. The main reason is to see just how well models can actually be made especially as the wargaming standard has rocketed over the years. However, as hinted at above, the incredibly high prices modellers suffer is a solid morale booster for the dedicated gamer; a half inch thick, five inch by five inch chunk of rubberised horsehair for a fiver, a tiny zip lock bag of dead leaf  litter for four, but the most terrifying was the square foot of haberdashers insulation ever so slightly treated to be used as grass for fifteen.

Not all the traders are so harshly priced and there’s tons of interesting bits and pieces for just about all scales, solid and much liked traders like Sgts Mess, Milicast, SHQ Miniatures and a great book dealer whose card I’ve lost. Also a couple of games tables, one of a forest edging onto a village with 88’s concealed within the trees and an eager British force approaching unawares, the other being the Crush the Kaiser lads.  The KtK folk are not only proper charmers, and producers of a cracking set of WW1 rules but they also put on a quite stunning table which really travels around. Not content with making us all envious of their trenches they’ve got a new table under way. Good to see them again.

The modelling competition was packed with great entrances and not as frantically packed as Euromilitaire making it a much more comfortable view for the visitor. A distinct lack of rucksacked camera-toting fools taking up all the room under the delusion of them being more important than any other visitor too. Small, perfectly formed and well worth a visit.


Euro Militaire 2011

September 18, 2011

The Boy Slug, Captain Stinky, Daring Dan and myself descended on Folkestone for the annual Euromilitaire show. For those who don’t know it Euromilitaire is a big modelling show on the south-east coast of England which attracts many of our finest modelling cousins from mainland Europe as well as a few eager seppos. Along with some of the world’s finest models in the competitions, there’s a sizeable but quite expensive traders area (£9 models from Modelzone for £13, etc), but also far too many older men lacking in both manners and personal hygene. I imagine their mothers gave them the ticket money. Great models though and here’s my pick of the very best click on them for simply massive versions.