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Come Mr Taliban

November 18, 2010

My ultra-modern project plods along like an Arab thief doing a handstand often leaving me stumped, but plod on we must and every now and again something actually gets finished. I’ve been working on a few technicals using two makes of miniatures and toy diecast vehicles, the by-product of which has been a few more finished miniatures. These beauties are from the ever fragrant Empress Miniatures range, very nice they are too even if I’ve only managed to take one decent picture out of the three of them.

Shoody camerawork aside there’s something quite special about Empress. The Slug and I did plan to have a look at their goods at Salute 2010, but we literally couldn’t get near the stand. So we settled for mail order and have been really impressed, the level of detail walks a thin line between the divine and the insane. This is difficult to spot from the photos I conceed but bleeding ‘ell how many miniatures do you know of where the AK47s have cocking handles?

Another thing about Empress is how regular their releases have become across all of their ranges, so between getting my last order and having them painted more brilliant looking figures have been released. This reduces me to a dribbling credit-card waving fool each abd every time they announce a new release. Pavlov barely managed to scrape the surface of conditioned behaviour in comparison.