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Bases from Brian in Bedford

August 26, 2009

DSCF2013There’s not been a great amount of production at 6mil mansions this week, due to a big tidy up but also my running short of a few materials. Rather spookily I used the very last of my magnetic tape on the very last couple of bases, an act so perfectly synchronised to suggest to my fevered imagination how God must be a wargamer and 6mm his scale. This shortage hasn’t prevented me from talking or typing, quelle surprise, so it’s a good opportunity for me to mention a few favoured suppliers who you may not have discovered. For bases for miniatures my favoured supplier is a chap who uses the handle Panshyne on Ebay, who can supply custom cut bases in the hard thin green plastic seen above. There’s 130 in the package, plus a few offcuts supplied gratis, and all for a tenner including post.

Panshyne, or Brian as I prefer, is an incredibly patient chap. I spent about 3 months working out exactly, and I mean exactly, what size of bases I would use for my current WW2 project, and I tried samples of size after size to the extent of testing the patience of a saint but without a murmur from dear Brian. He’s very much one of the old school of gamers which can be eventually found thanks to the web if you’re willing to dig around a bit. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and it’s this joyous approach which really help micro-communities like the wargaming world flourish in the hi-tech world where it’d be preferred by mega corporations if we all just played X-box instead.