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Parachute to Kill

February 29, 2012

Here’s the Boy Slug’s latest and possibly greatest an Artizan Parachute Regiment Jeep trundling through wet ground. It’s still awaiting a little bit of matt varnish, but because it has both a water effect on the Fenris base, wet tyres and little specks of mud all over the place we can’t just spray it – hence the shiny berets. The Fenris base was exactly what we needed and found by asking Ian for what we wanted and we got a thumbs up. Saves browsing his encyclopedic and rather excellent range.

The only bit he’s not too happy with are the numbers which he hand painted because we couldn’t track down any suitable decals in time. He contented himself with painting the beret badges and shoulder patches which worked really well. The water effect was some gloop which we might review later, as a warning rather than a rave it was costly and not too bright to use.

Hopefully this will feature in a game suggested by Daring Dan who has taken delivery of a scratchbuilt Hartenstein Hotel and so the Oosterbeek Perimeter beckons – let’s hope the fog doesn’t delay it.

Para-dise Revisited

January 18, 2011

There’s something about the various parachute units which a lot of gamers like, and they’re not strangers to this blog either. When it comes to WW2 the airborne troops take on a legendary air, and this likely explains just why they so popular and rightly so. Although all my efforts have been 6 mm, the Slug has been working on them in decadent 28mm and rather well too as the photo above shows.

It also shows how gamers can save themselves some cash and effort in using out of scale models for the really big things like aircraft. Above is the Airfix Horsa glider in 1/72nd scale which breaks the rule of everything being the same scale, but this is gaming and not scale engineering and as a game representation works perfectly… it’s also a damn sight smaller than a 1/48th ki t- so more gaming space on the table, easier to find and only costs around £15.

Here’s a delightful Tetrarch light tank which we were lucky enough to buy as is from Uncle Crouchie just before Christmas. I’m not sure who makes this one but hopefully Crouchie might let us know should he read this. If anyone feels the need to point out the bleeding obvious (i.e: Tetrarchs were transported by Hamilcar gliders and not Horsa) then please do, it’ll give me an opportunity to edit your comment to something even sillier.

All of the miniatures are Artizan Design which were a gift for the boy Slug for Christmas 2009 based on his preference for Para’s who are wearing berets rather than helmets.

It took me a while to track down who made them like that, but it was worth it as they’re lovely sculptures.

Over the course of a year he’s kept on with these on the back burner and eventually finished them and has a cracking group ready for a fight.

The only help he’s had was with the basing, which he doesn’t like doing.

Who can blame him, especially when it’s a distraction from his growing confidence and skills with a brush.

Of course having finished them just before Christmas and celebrated a project as finished I’m not sure if he was genuinely happy to get a couple more packs of ww2 paras from Santa just a few weeks later.

I image this project may just run, and run, and run…