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Junk Rock

June 11, 2012

This piece developed from me wanting to do a Steptoe & Son styled junk yard. After some small thought I decided the scope for the use of that as a scenic was rather limited so instead tried a piece which was all junk but suitable for a whole range of periods, so from the 1930’s through WW2 to modern day and beyond.

It started with the shell of an old diecast Rolls Royce, but that might date it too much so it was time to put it on blocks and cover it with a tarpaulin. The steam tractor wheels were ripped off a diecast which didn’t fit 28mm, and the barrels are the damaged ones from Fenris. Most of the other parts are from the scraps box.

The rust is far too many shades of reddy brown, progressively mixed lighter and topped off with pastels. The great thin about pastels is how you can grab a couple of vibrant and perfect rust shades for a couple of quid and the effect is lovely. The big problem is they’re pastels.

If you haven’t used them before be prepared to get covered in them, and ready to varnish quickly before the colour spreads – which it will given half the chance. Once varnished clean everything involved including yourself but also watch out for everything you touched, like the nozzle of the varnish. Otherwise it’ll sit there waiting for you and suddenly you’ll have it on your fingertips just as you’re handling another paintjob. You have been warned!

The leakage from the barrels is a dark grey paint mixed with PVA. This has a nice gloopy quality to it as well as a fine shine.