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Bill Posters is innocent

November 21, 2010

Regular readers might recall I spent far too long being really nice to everyone by sizing up some BUF Flags for banners, armbands, etc, and putting them up here for all and sundry. Now I’ve put together a collection of posters and newspaper covers aimed at the VBCW crowd. Simply click on the image above and it’ll take you to a super hi-res version which you can save and print out for your own use. You may want to play about with the scale of your print out to get the exact effect you want for whichever scale you choose to play. Most of them are political, apart from the Bovril one, but I like Bovril so I included it. If you find these handy please leave a comment below, it let’s me know I’m not simply typing to myself and could lead to more useful posts similar to this.

French WWII Posters

April 7, 2009

oranginaposterThought it only fair to share some period posters with anyone wanting to use them to decorate their buildings in games as I showed in the War Production post.

martiniposterObviously the German propaganda ones are very easy to find already, but domestic ones aren’t so here’s a few for those eager souls amongst you.

beerposterDoes beg the questions; Has anyone else got any more?

chinateaposterHow about Dutch, Italian or German domestic posters?


If so leave a comment on this thread to let me know. Thanks.