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Day of the Jackal

April 10, 2012

These vehicles from S and S models have been sitting on my to-do pile for far too long, so I bit the bullet and set about completing this pair of Jackals and a solo Snatch Landrover.

For Ultra-Modern these are a must really – especially if, like me, you don’t really go in for Yanks too much. They weren’t as easy a build for two reasons: the first being how I’d stored them, their components, plus a Sloppy Jalopy Saxon all together. The second being how these don’t fit together as easily as I’d have liked.

After a hint of Sherlock Holmes I’d worked out which piece was which, so the first problem was solved. Then on with the build, I decided against filling the bubbles leaving them to look like bullet holes instead.

Most difficult was seating the crew, well sticking them in was easy enough but matching up arms with steering wheels or weapons was not straitforward, some pieces need to be trimmed down if you want a pose other than arms up in a kind of surrender.

The Snatch was similar, the steering wheel as supplied would only fit if you didn’t want a driver.

Handily the stowage kits they supply are really handy especially when mixed with a few scratchbuilt pieces.

As you can see the underside has seen a fair amount of small arms fire.

On patrol they do look good though, and on bounding overwatch very likely to scare the bodily fluids from the enemy.