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Westgate Games Update

November 5, 2010

A mite overdue but an interesting update on all things Westgate Games following a bit of confusion over it last year. The bottom line is it has been taken over by one Elton Waters, who’s an agreeable chap and the shop now carries a small but fair range of miniatures, and other gaming accessories including some modelling materials and tools. It’s an infinite improvement of what it had become over the years. The best of luck to him, may he roll nowt but sixes.

Given the rarity of proper gaming shops it’s deffo worth a visit, for those of you who don’t know where it is; it’s at 20 The Borough Canterbury CT1 2DR and can be phoned on 01227 457257.

Someone playing Westgate Games?

September 21, 2009

DSCF2429A week ago on TMP there was a news item about Westgate Games which quickly gathered a few “Hurrahs!”. The opening sentence summed up developments nicely;

Westgate Games (a long and upstanding pillar of the Kentish gaming community for the last 22 years) has changed hands, and the new owner (Elton Waters, i.e., me) would like to announce the following new products which are presently available…

The poster went onto to list the new product ranges and give all the other info you’d expect a relaunching business to share, and it was exciting to hear. I managed to hold off visiting, as Elton suggested on the thread, until today when I took a quick drive over there after picking up the boy Slug from school.

Rather oddly the shop front looked exactly as it did the last time we visited, but that wasn’t the only similarity. Once inside I couldn’t help but notice the original owner sitting rather unhappily behind the counter, and he didn’t get any happier when I asked if Elton was around nor when I suggested he’d sold the business to him. According to him the shop hasn’t been sold, it’s not under new management and although there’s been some involvement of solicitors in negotiating no agreement has been reached and no contracts signed, etc.

Well it’s unusual to generate such a negative feeling so rapidly in a shop without attempting to rob them blind, so I made my excuses and left, a good hour and a half effectively wasted. What’s more unusual is whatever is actually going on with Westgate Games, given the announcement on TMP. If anyone has any idea please give us all a clue by commenting.

Update: Three weeks later and no clues towards the actuality, with a total silence from Elton on TMP despite interest being posted there…

Additonal Update: The confusion has been settled, the actually can be read here.