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We are Legion

July 21, 2011

My local game show organised by the folk at Red Knight (ex-snipers nest) has really grown in just four years, so I thought I’d share the flyer with you here in the hope of attracting you to it. Our maainland European chums might consider a visit too, as it’s just a few miles up the coast from Dover.

Wargames Show Report

November 14, 2010

It was off to the Marlowe Academy today for the annual gaming show for the benefit of the Royal British Legion which took place for the first time in this modern and spacious building. Plenty of free parking, free cups of tea and coffee and a mere two quid to gain entry.  It was healthily attended and had a wide variety of games including WW1 and WW2 in various scales, modern and some fantasy too plus a handful of traders. Red Knight Wargames have put this show on for a good few years now, and slowly but surely it gets better and better so well done them!

Now you might have noticed how gamers are often regarded by non-gamers as a form of geeky lunatic, a stereotype often extended to mad extremes such as those playing WW2 Germans being de facto Nazis and other ironic delights from the historically challenged. The oddest thing about this show was how it took place in a public building with other activities taking place, but when the clock came to 11.00 the only folk standing in silence for two minutes were those at the gaming event.

The photos I took are literally thrown together below, reflecting how a good time was had by all. If any of them are your club, etc,  feel free to grab them and use them on your sites, etc, without any copyright concerns or any of that nonsense.

Royal British Legion Wargames Show

November 2, 2010

We all adore a wargaming show, we all commemorate Remembrance Day so the possibility of combining the two is a winning idea so here’s a heads up for such an experience as Red Knight Wargames (aka Snipers Nest) put on their third of these small but perfectly formed shows in support of one of the UK’s most vital charities. This year there will be about half a dozen demo or participation games, a few trade stands, a raffle, refreshments and piles of free parking immediately outside the venue. All this for a mere £2 entrance which goes to the British Legion.

This year it’s being held at the Marlowe Academy, on Marlowe Way, Ramsgate CT12 6FA on Sunday 14th November from 10.00am-4.00pm. Should you need more info then get in touch with those nice folk at Red Knight, namely Michael or Sheree, on either 01843 598640, or their mobile 07745 284925, or drop them an email via or even wander along to their premises at the Marlowe Innovation Centre in the bright orange building opposite the Academy.

Finding your way there could prove difficult though, as the Google map picture above doesn’t show Marlowe Way, the Innovation Centre nor the new route of Haine Road (A256) which you can see in yellow on the right. It does show the Marlowe Academy, which is the spaceship-looking structure on the right.The patch of muddy land to the left of that is where the Innovation Centre is, you can’t miss it – it’s bright orange. On the bottom left of the above map there is now a roundabout.

Via Google Maps streetview you can actually see this roundabout, and it’s the second exit (straight across) you want, if you’re coming this way, follow the New Haine Road to the next roundabout and take the second exit (the right) to get to Marlowe Way. Alternatively, or if you’re coming the other way, look here for a simplistic map of the whole damn thing.

Good luck, hope to see you there.

UPDATE: Just found out that’s in total there’ll be 8 games at this show, each one from a different local club.


Sniper’s Nest Games Day

November 3, 2009

DSCF0844Thanet’s premier game emporium is running their second annual “Red Poppy” games day which raises funds for the Royal British Legion on Sunday 15th November at the Westcliff Cafeteria in Ramsgate. For those not lucky enough to have attended last year this is a fun event packed with participation games for you to enjoy for a humble donation to a top cause. It starts at 10.00 am and finishes around 4.00pm.

Sadly because of a double booking mistake by the venue there won’t be as many games as last year, but don’t let that put you off for a moment, many of Kent’s finest clubs will be there to entertain you. Slug’s favourite last year was the Deal Wargaming Club with their “Saving Private Ryan” game, although you got to play the German’s and the scenario was more about killing Private Ryan. This year they’re back and offering up the gentlemanly sport of Dinosaur Hunting.

Also attending will be the Dover Club who will be playing WW1 in 6mm, the Chatham Club who will be donning tights and all things green for their Robin Hood scenario, while the Sniper’s Nest gang will be all chocks away as they offer a WW1 Bombing Run experience.

Canny gamers should find they’ve time to play each game during the day, it’s all in your timing so get there early. Players are expected to make a donation for each game they play, and quite reasonably so.

westcliff cafeteriaThe venue is easy to find, even if Google maps does place it across the road and in someone’s back garden. The venue is actually on the left hand side of the circular water feature at the bottom of the map, with free parking along the length of the Royal Esplanade. The venue has a full restaurant and bar, more details here.

Last Minute Update: Unfortunately due to work commitments the Dover club has withdrawn from this event.

Euro Militaire 2009

September 19, 2009

DSCF2307Euro Militaire is upon us again and of the five shows the residents of 6 mil mansions visited this year it’s the one we least looked forward to, with half the usual posse actually crying off rather than go through it again. It’s a luckness combination of not being good value for money, slowly getting worse year on year and the dominant life form being a middle aged version of the denizens of a Games Workshop store being free of both deodourant and love, acrid virgins blind to the simplest of common manners.

It started well with a grinning woman seated behind a desk unable to sell us tickets but also unable to communicate beyond a constant Cheshire cat grin and vague pointing away from herself when asked where tickets might be bought. Obviously she mistook me for one of the acrid virgins, and speaking would have meant breathing and inhaling more of the deadly fumes. Having two children with me should have been clue enough. Next was a woman who could talk, but only because she was eating, what she was eating I don’t know but it may have been boiled sweets judging from the slurping suckious smacking way she pronounced the few syllables she shared in extracting £23 for me, an adult, and two children to gain tickets. I swear she licked her fingers before taking our cash. Twelve paces later, past the Cheshire Cat, our tickets were inspected, torn, our hands stamped and we were indicted into the mass.

The heat inside was sweltering, punctured only by the sharp rasp of the overloud PA system. Found Mr Models stall, an oasis of Brummy charm from which we were able to gain a discount on a Jerry halftrack kit for the boy Slug, and then surely by divine guidance another Brummy charmer who sold him an animated set of panzer grenadier crew for said model, again with a discount. The major find for me was Realistic Modelling Services, based in nearby Dover who had as wide a selection of flocks as any human could hope for.

Next it was downstairs to look at the models in the various competitions. The quality of these is usually stunning and as such is the saving grace of the show, our descent into the modelling arena was marked by yet another announcement; “The air conditioning in the competition rooms isn’t working if one of the venue staff could address this situation we would be grateful.”. Now I can smell a trap, so we tore through the competition rooms, a few photos of which can be seen below, and left feeling ripped off. It could have been so much worse though had we succumbed to their furnace like heating breaking us into a deodourant busting sweat marked by the bulk of the visitors slowly and quietly chanting… “One of us, one of us.”

I’ll be Odyssey-ing You

August 31, 2009


Like the general population of the Village in the cult TV-series “The Prisoner”, there’s something decidedly odd about the British, but being stuck together on this small island we don’t really notice it, but the wonderful part is even when we do notice we just grin and get on with it without a worry in the world and least of all we don’t get self conscious about it. It’s an honest eccentricity which makes us who we are, so just as well we’re comfortable with it. Big reenacting shows like Military Odyssey in Kent really are a magnifying glass on not so much what makes us tick, rather our happy acceptance that we’re nation of train-spotters and how we’re happy to share that with anyone who wanders past.

For those who’ve ever been to Military Odyssey it’s only fair to point out it’s a large multi-period reenacting show where you’ll find Viking camped next to Cowboy, Napoleonic Chevalier next to American Civil War Rebel, German Wehrmacht soldier next to British Para. The total selection is incredibly broad and with the traders and collectors stalls presents a day out with something to interest just about everyone with just the smallest interest in history.

This year we turned up pretty early and thanks to the organised ticketing were inside the County ground within minutes. As always we headed for the stalls first to see what’s on offer, and as we go to a fair few shows like this it wasn’t long before we started to bump into folk we know. Frenchie from AirsoftWorld was the first – running a sniper competition with an airsoft Barrett and an L96. Now big guns are very popular with airsofters so both me and the boy Slug joined the line, only to be disappointed. Sure the thing looks like a Barrett, but it handled like a dead dog and the trigger was heavier than most anvils and rather killed any concept of slowly squeezing it. Still I managed five shots on the target, appaling grouping, but Slug’s single shot hitting was worth gloating over. Not all bad news though, they’ve got an all steel Sten Mk1 on offer, which is under going some tweaking, and a lovely and simple little gun it is too.

Next bumped into Lee who supplies various Yank kit, who wasn’t having a positive sales experience, apparently hardly anyone was buying and the show hadn’t been as busy as last years. Here’s hoping it picked up for him.

Our biggest collective purchase for the day was by Slug in his quest for the US Airborne experience, in buying the rifleman webbing from Soldier of Fortune to compliment the kit he bought at War & Peace. Thankfully there was another Dad on hand with his Airborne obssessed son, and he showed us how to wear it.

Once the stalls were done and dusted, including finding two wargames going on in the pavilion, it was time to enjoy the enormous effort the reenactors put into their displays. Most notable this year were 4JAS, who had a nifty display and spent a good few minutes having a natter with the Slug, also the All American Pathfinders where one of their medic chaps gave a good short briefing on all things medic and answered some relevent questions, similarly in the woods were some Para reenactors with a very well equipped field hospital. We spent a lot of time with them, and to be honest we were so impressed with their surgical kit as to not have asked which group they are, but they were very good. Not only did they have a wealth of enthusiasm but collectively they looked and sounded like Para’s with twinkles in eyes and a vague reassuring feeling they could kill a man with their little finger.

Of course there was a wealth of good displays, and I don’t have the time to mention every single one, but the one which impressed us the most was that of Shrapnel’s Battery who for a humble fee will let you loose with black powder devices, so you can fire a musket, a cannon, or a mortar which is great fun, and really teaches you something about history. Well actually it teaches you just how loud a bang some things can make and  seeing how they let all us lads ranging in age from five through twelve to my forty-five have a go it was a lesson much enjoyed.

More Glasto with tanks

July 23, 2009

DSCF1602Due in part to the large numbers visiting to see the War & Peace show pictures, but more to the lonely cry of eager reenactors unable to attend this year I’ve trawled through my remaining pictures to bring you the best of the rest. John Sweeney remains an arse.

Imagine Glastonbury but with tanks

July 22, 2009

DSCF1645The title is  the only way I can describe the annual War & Peace Show at the Hop Farm, Beltinge in Kent without bending your ear, or when writing your eyes, for about half an hour and with me becoming slowly more enthusiastic until you’d either think I was mad, or the insanity would spread and you be grinning and mumbling “Hmmmm, kettenkrad, ahhhhh universal carrier, ohhhhh sherman…“.

Let it be enough for me to say this is a premier event for all those with an interest in history, especially that of the second world war. Aside from several hundred traders, there’s a few hundred reenactors who do a stunning job of keeping history alive, not only will they happy discuss the finer points of their kit and tactics with adults, they’re also incredibly friendly to children, who leave not only impressed but also informed in a style which can only lead to further interest. In addition there’s over a thousand vehicles parked up for the enthusiast to enjoy.

To avoid our collective insanity bringing the internet to a grinding halt, I’ve put a selection of photographs up for you to look at as you choose fit. Known as a gallery these images are in no special order, nor do they have anything to say bar what they show. John Sweeney is still an arse though.