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Grin and standard bear it

January 4, 2011

In my Christmas Day post, auto- scheduled to allow me to drink copiously I assure you, I gave you a couple of VBCW banners and here’s the figures Iwas working on which I hacked the flags together for. The figure is a simple conversion from a Crusader Miniatures command pack. The hardest part was putting the longer puttees on him, as this is the dress code for all our BUF forces, for which I had to Dremel away the old puttees and then greenstuff the puttees and blouse out the bottom of his trousers. The bulk of the painting was done by the boy Slug, even if it was a reluctant distraction from all things airborne, delivered by parachute and filling his painting tray.

Detailing the piece was great fun, first was the paving on the tuppence with greenstuff, I’ve made up a copy of the BUF “Blackshirt” paper to decorate it. Only in writing this have I noticed the brush hair stuck on his back… as soon as I did I went straight to the figure and removed it. This shows how wargaming may well be some form of obsessive behaviour, and leaves me wishing I’d become addicted to mindless sex with pert blondes instead.

The flag head was made from a button, with the fascist flash sculpted from more greenstuff. It’s a difficuly thing to sculpt because it does look as if it’s too far to the right… but that’s the BUF all over isn’t it?

In comparison the new Anglican League bearer is very simple, using one of the totally fab Musketeer Miniatures civilian figures. The Vicar is seen standing on the grass next to the pathway to his church. He’s wearing the new “Anglican” tweed. The small cross atop is a silver piece of jewellery which I’ve then painted silver. This looks much better than my poor sculpting as seen on the earlier VBCW bearer.

If you’ve used any of the flags or banners I’ve shared then please let me see a picture of them, with a view to posting them on here. It might seem a dreadful vanity, but if you’d like more in the future I’ll have to jolly well insist you bounders.

One for All and Two Two One

November 1, 2010

Vroom! Vroom! A beauty of an addition to the Motor Pool in the shape of a mainly resin but with metal bits Sd.Kfz 221 from BEF Miniatures. Now a few of you may be wondering where I find the time to pump out so much for gaming, but the simple truth is that I don’t – as this model was put together and painted entirely by the boy Slug. All I had to do was to pay for it, and do the varnishing.

I think he’s done a cracking job, the construction was quite simple of course, but the paintjob is top notch and a mite more so considering it’s done by someone who’s still thirteen. We’ve decided to go for an unbased vehicle as they tend to look a bit better on the table, so we’ve made allowances in really layering on the varnish on the tyres. All in all an excellent addition to BEF’s early war Germans.

Circling Overland

September 19, 2009

DSCF2366It could be the buzz of a Mosquito, or the hum of an Auster but no the strange noise in the skies above is that of a Slug using technology which isn’t quite in keeping with the period on the table. We set up this evening for an afternoon of playing BKC tomorrow, and I can’t help thinking the tiny swine is pre-plotting mortar fire, interlocking fields of fire and making my half of the table one large killing zone from turn one. Time will out of course, but if anyone has any reenforcements they could force march to my aid overnight it’d be gratefully appreciated.