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Lamp Post

July 26, 2009


It was only a matter of time before I devolved towards lifestyle journalism like a rampaging Rommel as sponsored by IKEA, and here is that moment. Mrs Me, aka the Domestic Goddess, brought back a lamp today for my modelling, sadly it’s a little too dim to function as that. Although it is useful as a secondary lamp plus I’ve started using it for taking photos of miniatures too, and for that it works very well especially as you can move it around freely without limitation by cable.

The Sunnan is unique though, it’s solar powered with a battery backup should you need it, plus it’s also got a longlife LED bulb which, they claim, will never need replacing. At £17 it’s a bit steep, well compared to a full regiment of 6mm, but for each one we the public buy those IKEA folk give one to UNICEF. Hopefully UNICEF give those to someone who really needs them rather than stockpiling them until they need to dish out gifts at Christmas.