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Tome Raider

February 27, 2012

Being an avid reader of the printed word especially when it comes to most things about military history I’m surprised at myself at not really mentioning books on this blog, typically leaving any suggestion or recommendation to the forums I visit. Mentioning this one isn’t neccessarily the turning of the tide, but I notice a great increase in interest in operations in Afghanistan so thought I’d mention it. This Tankograd publication “Task Force Helmand” is the first of theirs I’ve bought mainly because they’re usually far too specialised for me. Specialised in that I’m not that interested in a single vehicle to have a book just about it, I prefer one book one whole subject which this is.

And what a book! Not only are there multiple photos of every piece of kit, but they’re all taken in theatre. This does make me marvel at the dedication of Carl Schulze the author. Sure I’ve a thousand or so photos of lots of military vehicles most taken in a field in Kent, or at places like Bovington Tank Museum. To travel all the way to Afghanistan, a very active war zone, in pursuit of photographs for this book in incredible as well as ever so mildly suggestive of some insanity. Not that it’s a bad thing – it’s the kind of insanity in which we share to a greater or lesser degree and which should be celebrated. Not least it’s created an outstanding reference book which I can’t recommend highly enough. A must-read for the modern British Army enthusiast or gamer.