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Get a grip

March 10, 2011

It’s been a fair while since I found any real goodies at bargain prices so think of my delight at finding a couple during the mundane task of buying low calorie sandwiches for lunch with my loved one. The first I found on Tuesday in the shape of the vice above, which not only grips things really tightly but can also be angled plus it’s got a vacuum base will means you can secure it on any level surface and it’s not going to go anywhere. If I’d found this for around £15 I’d have been happy, so it’s an absolute snip at the £5.99 which it cost.

Secondly I found this box packed with dremel compatible goodies, which if they’d borne the Dremel logo would have cost an arm and a leg, but this set came in at just £3.99.

Both these bargains came from Aldi, and Mrs. Me informs me they tend to keep such offers for a week so if you’re interested it may well be time for you to visit your local branch.