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Die Nacht der Toten

September 2, 2012

The boy Slug has a slowly evolving nazi zombie project inspired, in part, by the Call of Duty game which features the opportunity to shoot Nazi zombies. These figures are part of West Wind Productions Secrets of the Third Reich which we picked up a couple of Salutes ago. Rather uphappily I didn’t enjoy painting these at all. The detail seems a little limited, even confused. I have a sneaking suspicion this might be why these were the ones I was asked to paints.

The bases are the 30mm DS Ruined Flagstone set from Fenris Games, and those I enjoyed working on more than the figures. Slug set the figures on the bases and rather well I think, I really liked the one with a stream trickling through it, and the boy set the figure firmly standing in it.

All-in-all an odd experience. usually I strive to paint up to the sculpt but on these the piece which demanded justice was the base…

Zombie Action

February 3, 2011

To do it justice this really should be a game report, but the last one was over 1,700 words and I’ve beer to drink. Instead I do hope you’ll be satisfied with a picture gallery and a bit of blah-blah. This game for four with me running it started as a bluff. Each player had four men from a faction involved in the fictional game nation of Jihadistan, so there was the IDF, Delta Force, PLO and the Taliban. The scenario involves collecting points in three ways; i) Get to the crashed plane in the centre of the table and discovver it’s secret (20 points), rescue folk hidden in various buildings (10 points each) and find the boxes of top-secret goodies (5 points a piece). However what the players didn’t know was how in turn three this relatively safe little scoot and shoot game turned into a zombie game.

The setting is the middle-east which was a good excuse to trot out my almost finished middle eastern bunch of buildings, not least my very nice mosque. The basis for this was the Miniature Building Authority minaret, a nice piece even if grossly painted, but MBA don’t make a mosque so it meant I had to. It’s the largest cork tile building I’ve made, well in as much as the tallest and longest single walls without supporting walls. I repainted the tower in this charming blue and applied gold leaf to the dome of the building and the minaret.  Now as gaming hobbyists we’ve all made or done things which are difficult or fiddly but believe me when I say gold leaf sets the, er, gold leaf standard of fiddly. You can’t even really breathe at some points, it’s a wafer thing nightmare. Don’t take my word for it, try it!

The game played well, helped a great deal by Akula’s Zombie Rules from Salute 2009. These are great, simple, and highly playable rules and full marks to the man himself for sharing them with us all. I’d be quite happy to play every game with these as they sit very firmly in the background of any game. I had tried the All Things Zombie rules from Two Hour Wargames but didn’t get very far with them. I know they’re popular and provide a two hour wargame but I prefer rules which take less than two hours to read and fully understand. I couldn’t manage this with ATZ but did within minutes of downloading Akula’s – but don’t let that influence you either way.

Fun was had by all, the highlight was probably when the IDF mounted up into a vehicle which actually started and then proceeded to run the PLO over, however they inflicted less damage than they received in turn when the PLO returned fire at the vehicle setting it alight. Thankfully the UN didn’t turn up to spoil anyone’s fun.

Zed-ray vision

February 2, 2011

Well almost a half-decent photo, this time of another variant on zombie paint jobs half guessed in the comments by Harry on the other post. This one is pure camp with his technicolor meets Frankenstein’s monster shade of green which will make him stick out from a hoard of zombies… a bit like Wheels from the Spaced series in the crowd scenes of Shaun of the Dead.

The base needs a bit of work, but once again it shows just what beauties these Studio Miniatures really are.

Hey to zed

January 30, 2011

If you’re into zeds, or zombies as the rest of the world knows them, then you might have noticed how red is one of the most common colours which you regularly use. You probably use various types of red, including Tamiya clear red for that still-wet-and-warm blood look. Along with this you’ll have developed different methods for  gore, and favoured techniques for severed limbs and the like. In short red is the new black – it’s all about the gore. Now I’m no master of the zombie arts and have barely reached 60 fully finished zombies of my own in over a year spent in part on a zombie project. One thing did become apparent with the last few I painted that that was how I was starting to find gore quite boring, so I came up with this paint job for one of the very special Studio Miniatures. I wanted something which captured one of my favourite aspects of zombie films, and that’s just how plain retarded zombies are. So this one has managed to empty a tin of blue paint over his head just moments ago.

Perhaps some survivor with a warped sense of humour placed the tin on a door left slightly ajar, maybe this poor soul got trapped in the kitchen section of B&Q, or maybe a painter and decorator actually turned up on time but only because he’s now a zombie. Whichever it’s a nice change to cover a zombie in blue paint. Of course it won’t be long before a return to all things visceral, but a change is as good as a tin of blue paint on your head.

I Chain, I Saw, I Conquered

January 3, 2011

A fine example of co-operation between the generations with this deadly young lad from the delicately fragrant Hasslefree Miniatures. This is one of their Juvenile range and is called Palin, they’re not the cheapest miniatures you can get but they do rate highly for their quality.

Slugs painted the figure and I did the splatter and the basing, and it proved to be one of the best results we’ve managed with the Wargames Factory plastic zombies.

Contamination Three Step

December 22, 2009

A trio happy in their work from Copplestone. We managed to get a pack and a few spares for this group, and decided to do the spares in a different scheme, the others are going to be white and be a medical containment squad, while these are more a contamination assault squad, and it’s important in being able to tell them apart.

We did have a bit of trouble originally with the wash on these, it was far too dark and gave more of a tiger-stripe effect than you’d ever want, even on a tiger.  The solution was to remix the hazardous orange colour, water it down and apply it as a wash. Two coats later and we had a much more agreeable finish.

Cold War Survivors

November 9, 2009

DSCF2638Now for the first set of survivors I’ve bought, these being the “Survivors” set DWW14, from Cold War Miniatures range The Dead Will Walk. A very tasty range available via that Ebay, and rather thoughtfully can be bought as a set for £7 or individually for £1.75. These are their only survivors, the other figures all being zombies.

DSCF2636Although a trifle skinny they’re nicely made, and suit a wide range of painting skills. Yet again the young swine Slug whinged to paint these, but ended up only doing the four above. I’m not sure how efficient the minister with a cross might be against a zombie hoarde, but it should be fun finding out.

DSCF2639The last one is this soon-to-be completed female survivor which is supplied as a two piece casting, which is why I think the boy Slug didn’t want to paint her. If the zombies don’t get her the weather very likely will as she’s barely wearing a thing and she looks like she would benefit from a good meal as well as a jumper.

The rest of the range is enticing, including a lot of very charactorful pieces such as a Zombie Krishna devotee, as seen in the original “Dawn of the Dead”, Zombie Elvis, Zombie British Copper, etc, which aren’t catered for by other makers. I’ll be adding more of them as soon as the pile of WiP has been completed. Meanwhile I recommend them to you.

Shaun but not Forgotten

November 8, 2009

DSCF2631A serenely delightful pair of figures or, if you like, the same figure in two stages of being. These are both from miniature mongers Hasslefree, for copyright right reasons they’re not Shaun from the zom-com “Shaun of the Dead”. Both very nice pieces, although I smoothly away what I thought was flash from not-Shaun’s shirt only to discover everyone else had spotted it as a piece of his tie flopped over his shoulder. Well mine is smarter looking as a result. Zombie not-Shaun has been given a face rip, on the left side of his face. There’s also a third figure, more dynamic in a hitting-it-for-six pose.

To buy from Hasslefree was indeed free from hassle, they even sent us a badge and a sweet which cherry topped the deal. Price-wise they’re at the more expensive end of the scale, but that’s due more to scale of production and absolute perfection by way of sculpting. There’s a couple more which are work-in-progress, and even another order in the post so expect to see more of them here.  Lastly, but no means least, I had to surrender the painting of these over to a pleading Slug, and he’s done a good job.  What do you think?

Zombie Mob News

November 4, 2009

DSCF2535At last I’ve completed the Blue Moon zombie set which were my first purchase of zombies and what a pile of fun they’ve proved to be. To see them all together is a joy, and I’m thinking around one hundred zombies would be the best amount to collect to be able to get a good game on. I’m posting many of them in bigger photos with front and rear views, it’s the way Bryan does it over at his blog, but he’s effectively insane when it comes to zombies so I’m not so sure how long I’ll be doing it for.


The chap on the left has been given a full face rip, while the two young ladies are pretty straightforward. The interesting point about all zombie paint jobs is it’s hard to imagine a bad way to paint them. This isn’t a slight on anyone’s painting, more a call to freeform painting, nor is it to say the sculpting is poor as it’s top notch on these, the only mild observation is how many have banana hands.


Nothing special on the rear bar the mucky stringy mess on the foot of the lady in the middle, which is a mix of general purpose adhesive and that Tamiya Clear Red everyone raves about.


A pretty trio, the soldier on the left was painted by the boy slug, and rather smartly I think. The chap on the right has been lucky enough to have some guts added.

DSCF2505Many of these have open hands screaming out for the addition of a few guts, and I’ve tried a few ways of doing it which I’ll share in a later post. What I must mention is how the lack of uniformity to the zombie genre makes them a very good proposition for a group project, Slug’s soldier and the others he’s done fit right in with the ones I’ve done.

DSCF2508A couple of these have featured before, but I think these photos are probably better. I can’t put my finger on it but I find something really funny about a zombie missing a shoe.

DSCF2509A small amount of goop has been added to the ladies charming stump.

DSCF2513Three very good figures, the first another Slug job, the others by me. Plenty of exposed bones on mine plus an added trophy organ.

DSCF2514Missing chunks aplenty, first chaps lost the back of his skull so no more University Challenge for him, middle bloke has a hole in his arse, while the dude on the end has lost a lot of lower leg.

DSCF2517The final three close-ups with lots of wounds all screaming out for a good dab. Typically I’m painting zombies internals pink, brushing that with a red blood and after matt varnishing coming back and high lighting with Tamiya Clear Red, which dries both translucent and high gloss and gives the look of fresh running blood.

DSCF2518This trio waves goodbye as we reach the end of this post. I highly recommend this Blue Moon set of figures, which I haven’t seen mentioned as much as other ranges. Twenty well sculpted figures for around a quid a piece and suitable as addition to any Zombie hoarde or as a starter set.

Mini Zedtro

November 3, 2009

DSCF2497I’ve always got an eye out for a cheap option for gaming and 28mm Zombies have proved no exception. Here’s a toy I found in a local pound shop which proved to be almost perfect out of the box, but I’ve done a little work on it to make it fit in better, and the end result is a jolly piece.

DSCF2499The first thing I did was to take it apart, which was easy because it all holds together with a single screw. separated the main components and painted them, created a small scene of carnage in the back seats featuring some parts from Wargames Factory plastic zombies, dulled down all the silver chrome, and blood splattered the windows on the inside, then matt varnished the lot except for the windows. This model is slightly too large, but I managed to shave 3 to 4mm off the height by resetting the axles so the wheels sat further into the wheel arches.

DSCF2500All in all a very quick bash to make a very usable model and costing less than £2 in total. Magic!