A Very British Civil Forum

An interesting development for VBCW players has recently surfaced – the creation of a forum dedicated to the genre and very neat it is too. VBCW originated over at the Gentleman’s Wargaming Parlour but recently there’s been some issues with it’s performance, slugging out and sometimes not being available at all. A couple of eager players decided it might be best to find a space uniquely for the delightful what-if which is VBCW, and what a space they’ve created. There’s categories galore making everything easy to find, and its just the thing to create a whole new pile of interest. Well worth a visit, and you can do so here. Well done to all involved.

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2 Responses to “A Very British Civil Forum”

  1. myincubliss Says:

    Cool, my advance copy of ‘a world aflame’ (osprey’s new interwar ruleset) came this week so my attention’s swinging back to vbcw…

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Good stuff.

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