Barn to be wild

No I’ve not become Amish but this week I’ve mainly been building barns. As you can see from the first finished one in the picture above. Why barns? Well two reasons really one I wanted something to compliment the rather excellent ruined farm by Miniature Building Authority which my domestic goddess gave me for Christmas. The other reason being how I have 1000 coffee stirrers. So I was looking for a wooden structure and one which might fit more than just one area of interest –  barns being perfect for WW2 and VBCW.

Originally I wanted to make it really simple, and the original build was but then as you’re doing it ideas form for detailing and given how you’re not going to make hundreds of these quality also raises it’s ugly head. If you’re only doing it once you might as well make it as well as you can eh? The Army Painter ivy above is a good example of this, it took about three and a half seconds to imagine, forty minutes to go and buy it, and over an hour to apply it as wanted.

The hay loft is another feature added after the original build, including the ladder. Of course you don’t actually need the ladder, nor can it even be used by the figures, but buildings like this seem to come alive once you get going with them and almost demand this level of detail.

The doors enjoyed the most ridiculous level of detail including rusted hinges and traces of dry rot on the bottom of the doors as influenced by the same detail on Rushcal’s Garage for VBCW.

The timber isn’t so much painted as stained with ink, this helps to bring out the grain in the wood. I started with a dark brown colour, and then dry brushed lighter and lighter shades on top of that. The roof was done with stirrers too, but laid closer to each other and then coated with a watered down filler. I call this material mock plaster.

Even though this photo is rather poor it shows how well the spacing on the walls works, as well as how much room there is inside. One of the finishing touches was to poke a few extra ivy leaves through the gaps, in the way ivy grows.

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4 Responses to “Barn to be wild”

  1. phil Says:

    Looks very nice, the ivy is a good touch

  2. Vampifan Says:

    I’m full of admiration for you, Phil. That is just beautiful and usable in just about any period of history.

  3. Mikko Meriläinen Says:

    That’s just great work. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I had more patience to build terrain and scenics.

  4. Barn Again « Says:

    […] been working on which is now finished – Hurrah! It has around the same foot print as the earlier one but has a proper hayloft with access, and a lean to section. It has a similar finish but is meant […]

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