Exterminate! Extermin-whoops!

There’s been no small excitement amongst British sci-fi gamers from the cover mounted joy of a Dalek army on the front of children’s magazine Dr Who Adventures. Many fully grown men, myself included, rushed to the newsagent to buy several copies and thereby upsetting legions of children who can’t understand why the big mean bearded men have bought six copies of their favourite comic leaving the shelves bare.

Nano seconds later threads started appearing on forums with examples of paintjobs, so it’s only fair to share my Work in Progress with the very same models. Can you tell what it is yet?


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3 Responses to “Exterminate! Extermin-whoops!”

  1. Oh my G.O.D. « Says:

    […] Action Brits, but the plastic ones combined with various bits – some hacked off those free Daleks everyone’s got tons of. When I first heard about these Bolt Action plastics over at the […]

  2. Joseph Says:

    So they actually put the plastic minis on the magazine itself? How many were in each issue?

    Hoping beyond hope this makes it to some U.S. edition…

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Yes they’re cover mounted, the latest issue had cyberman and something else on it. There were around 15 daleks. I have a chum in New England who is a DW fan and he’s never seen the DWA magazine, which is for kids, just the “adult” one and that doesn’t do free gifts. Luckily for him I’m sending him copies.

    Perhaps try one of the gaming forums with a large Brit contigent to see if anyone can help? Like GWP, LAF or Frothers.

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