Once More Unto the Breach…

… dear Friends once more. Having built a few compounds for our upcoming Jihadistan campaign one thing became became obvious. The British forces do like to make their way through compound with explosive charges rather than just going through the door. Above is my solution and I think it’s rather elegant for what it is, and better than just a piece of paper with “breach” scrawled on it.

I’ve made one and cast half a dozen in the hope of the British player not getting carried away with his charges. I may well need some more given the joy a big bang can bring to a game. These are available from Slug Industries.

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3 Responses to “Once More Unto the Breach…”

  1. J Womack 94 Says:

    We do like a big bang.

  2. Wirelizard Says:

    Maybe a much wider one for when the Brits use a Warrior or MBT to make the breach? I recall reading an article from Iraq were the Brits breached a building by simply driving a Warrior through it, debussing, then getting back in and putting the Warrior in reverse to leave…

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Hah! I’ve got a rather fine Imprint Models Warrior on the workbench, so that’s both a good idea and an appealing tactic.

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