Rack and Ruin

There’s not many console games which I ever play for very long, typically five minutes in I decide it’s not for me. Most often it’s the content, sometimes the double declutching controls and rarely, but increasingly so, it’s just too damn fast for my bones. Fallout 3 is one of a trinity of games which I adore, the subject  entertains while it’s style is outstanding and the level of detail is stunning. So to make a piece for table top gaming inspired by a game is a first for me with the ruin piece above. It was a fun build, especially in trying to replicate the 1001 grains every pile of rubble in Fallout has.

To get a castable model was slightly more long winded, as all the holes in the 1001 grains had to be filled. This actually took longer than the original build. I added to the delay by not adding quite enough hardener to the rubber so instead of an 8-12 hour set it took some four days. However I think from the casting above it was worth it.

The detail starts to stick out with a coat of paint. Excuse the glossly look but it’s still wet. I’m thinking of doing three pieces to add to this – to make a complete ruin. Then we’re offer it up for sale. Although it’s originally influenced by the Post-Apocalyptic it’s suitable for a wide range of periods.

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3 Responses to “Rack and Ruin”

  1. vampifan Says:

    I like what you’ve done here, Phil. If you were to add more pieces to the set I would certainly buy them. The beauty of making ruined buildings is that they can be used in so many historical periods and genres. Surely making these is a no-brainer!

  2. myincubliss Says:


    I want this very much.

  3. Michael Awdry Says:

    Looks great to me, I especially like the T bars sticking up at of it, giving the piece height. You seem to have pt rivets on them! Brilliant.

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