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Buddha on a Unicycle!

October 19, 2017

Hansome Fellow

Has it really been almost five years since I last blogged? So much as changed, and yet so much has stayed the same. The wordpress software has changed enough to reduce typing this post, and putting a photo of handsome me in, a bit of a slog. My deviation from 6mm into other scales has ceased as the boy Slug reached his twenties, has far more pressing things to do than spend much time in the hobby, and no longer influences me away from the true path.


Back in the dark days of 2012 I ended up posting everything I did on the rather excellent Lead Adventures Forum and being 28mm there was much discussion, but now I’m back into 6mm it’s fallen quiet – just as it was when I first joined and did nothing but. So I’m now considering kicking this back to life, although I do wonder if it’s worth it.


An interesting development in all that time is gaming on Facebook, especially the 6mm Wargaming and Terrain group with over 3000 members and a solid core of regular posters. It’s great to see how everyone in 6mm has upped their game, the manufacturers have increased and improved, everyone else is working hard to make their efforts stronger, and as such quite incredible. It’s indicative of what I see as gaming and military modelling becoming closer.


The one problem I do find with Facebook groups is how content vanishes rather quickly and once gone is difficult to find again, unlike a forum or a blog, hence I’m considering posting it all here, it’d be quicker to post a link to this blog on multiple groups than the palaver of posting several pictures and a bit of text on Facebook.


I’d love to know what others think about reanimating this, at one point this got a lot of readers, but have you all migrated never to return?