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Broadside 2012

June 11, 2012

It was off to sunny Sittingbourne for the youngster of the gaming show scene held at Swallows leisure centre. Broadside is only in it’s second year but it’s quite sizable with plenty of games and tons of traders. It’s deffo worth a visit especially given the variety of games on offer. It’s also a great opportunity to meet Posties Rejects a strange wargaming cult with a reclusive leader who brainwashes young and impressionable gamers into playing historical games and giving up the more modern vices like roleplaying… think Moonies with dice.

The usual rules apply for the pictures, if you’re the organiser or one of the gamers involved in this cracking little show then help yourself to any image for your own use, a credit would be appreciated.

We are Legion

July 21, 2011

My local game show organised by the folk at Red Knight (ex-snipers nest) has really grown in just four years, so I thought I’d share the flyer with you here in the hope of attracting you to it. Our maainland European chums might consider a visit too, as it’s just a few miles up the coast from Dover.

Mustafa Battle

June 28, 2011

Having come very close to having let an entire month pass without posting due to a large glowing orb up there in the sky, I managed to snatch the shortest of moments to post up pictures of this humble game I put on. The players were The Boy Slug and Daring Dan playing the wonderful Brits, and Fascist Child Killer Tony and Wobbly Steve the beastly Jihadists in a mad skirmish on the dusty plains of Jihadistan. We used Akula’s BAD AR:SE rules, which combined with our eager players made for a brutal afternoons sport.

It started simply enough. The Brits enter from the east meet up with a US recon unit, conduct a simple patrol and then go home – how could that get complicated? The Jihadists had only a slightly more complex mission, the local forces just had to defend the village from the aggressive western agressors, meanwhile the regional forces had to enter from the North, proceed to the police station and encourage the UN worker imprisoned there to join them as a guest. The local forces had a deal with the police meaning they didn’t bother each other, so plenty of lee-way for the local player to simply ignore the visiting forces.

For the Allies it didn’t start well at all. The US Recon unit was reduced to a smoking wrecked Humvee by the time the Brits arrived. Daring Dan’s recce quad found the only anti-vehicular mine by the second turn, while the Boy Slug’s recce motorbike narrowly avoided being hit by a tree rigged with explosives to fall across the road only to drive past a Jihadi scout as if blind only to be shot dead in the back. Dan’s response was to dismount and charge across the fields on the southern flank losing men left right and centre, Slug’s was to camp around Harry Hill and throw a little mortar and Barrett .50 fire into the town. Tony held well and was rolled nowt but sixes and then Steve turned up but became a trifle distracted. Once he’d convinced Tony to attack the police station it was just a matter of time before the building collapsed killing most inside. Then it got more brutal, just about every Jihadi technical was destroyed with accurate fire, not least a transport one – but only after a dozen Jihadis had boarded it. By the time an airstrike arrived there wasn’t too much life to be seen. Effectively it was a twisted blood soaked draw, and as a military endeavour a nearly total waste of men and resources… magic!


We Salute 2011 you

April 16, 2011

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that! Salute was it’s usual brilliant self and here’s a pile of photos to show just why. Bear in mind this isn’t an attempt to show the enitirity of the show just the bits which we either spent a lot of time at. So mainly it’s the VBCW demo game bravely managed by Red Rich, or the masterful Akula delivering a fast moving chnk of participation*. Anything else featured is just whatever really grabbed me, and it’s the mass of gamely tentacles reaching up to do exactly that which make this gigantic show a must visit, and even more so if like us you’re lucky enough to live just a couple of hours away.

*Don’t forget to download the latest version of his rules, and donate to his worthy cause if you like them.

Battle for the Thanet Way

March 10, 2011

Here’s a selection of photos from a game of VBCW a few weeks ago in which the BUF attempted to take the Thanet Way in their push eastwards only to be beaten back by a combination of various motley groups including local coppers, choirboys, Anglican League Regulars and Irregulars plus some Communists who no one was quite sure about to start with. It was a cracking game dispite some ghastly behaviour from the Fascists. Rather hoping we could make a regular campaign out of it, but only after schooling everyone in the finer points of playing like a gent.

Zombie Action

February 3, 2011

To do it justice this really should be a game report, but the last one was over 1,700 words and I’ve beer to drink. Instead I do hope you’ll be satisfied with a picture gallery and a bit of blah-blah. This game for four with me running it started as a bluff. Each player had four men from a faction involved in the fictional game nation of Jihadistan, so there was the IDF, Delta Force, PLO and the Taliban. The scenario involves collecting points in three ways; i) Get to the crashed plane in the centre of the table and discovver it’s secret (20 points), rescue folk hidden in various buildings (10 points each) and find the boxes of top-secret goodies (5 points a piece). However what the players didn’t know was how in turn three this relatively safe little scoot and shoot game turned into a zombie game.

The setting is the middle-east which was a good excuse to trot out my almost finished middle eastern bunch of buildings, not least my very nice mosque. The basis for this was the Miniature Building Authority minaret, a nice piece even if grossly painted, but MBA don’t make a mosque so it meant I had to. It’s the largest cork tile building I’ve made, well in as much as the tallest and longest single walls without supporting walls. I repainted the tower in this charming blue and applied gold leaf to the dome of the building and the minaret.  Now as gaming hobbyists we’ve all made or done things which are difficult or fiddly but believe me when I say gold leaf sets the, er, gold leaf standard of fiddly. You can’t even really breathe at some points, it’s a wafer thing nightmare. Don’t take my word for it, try it!

The game played well, helped a great deal by Akula’s Zombie Rules from Salute 2009. These are great, simple, and highly playable rules and full marks to the man himself for sharing them with us all. I’d be quite happy to play every game with these as they sit very firmly in the background of any game. I had tried the All Things Zombie rules from Two Hour Wargames but didn’t get very far with them. I know they’re popular and provide a two hour wargame but I prefer rules which take less than two hours to read and fully understand. I couldn’t manage this with ATZ but did within minutes of downloading Akula’s – but don’t let that influence you either way.

Fun was had by all, the highlight was probably when the IDF mounted up into a vehicle which actually started and then proceeded to run the PLO over, however they inflicted less damage than they received in turn when the PLO returned fire at the vehicle setting it alight. Thankfully the UN didn’t turn up to spoil anyone’s fun.

Operation Horny Boy

December 12, 2010

On Saturday 11th December 2010 a few chaps gathered together to decide the VBCW fate of one small town in this neck of the woods. With cups of tea aplenty and one of those new fangled radio stations tuned in on the wireless orders were issued…

Kent Area Kommander Slugg,
you are to liberate the town of Herne Bay and surrounding environs from any other faction which might control it. To sweep away the alien influence you will command:
You, Kommander Lloyd “Slugger”Slugg (elite) armed with a pistol and 3 grenades.
Captain Johnny “Kanga” Roo (elite) armed with a pistol and 2 grenades.
Seventeen (17) BUF Cliftonville Critics (regular) with 1 grenade, plus
One (1) Scout car (elite)with an armour value of 6.
One (1) Austin Armoured Car (regular)with an armour value of 9.
One (1) Morris Light Armoured Car (regular)with armour value 10.
One (1) Vickers Light Tank (regular) with an armour value of 11.
Unfortunately we don’t have any transport to offer you so your troops will have to walk to Herne Bay from our London Barracks, but as righteous Men of Britain this will not be a problem. It’s whinging about such realities which put this country in such a mess in the first place.
God Save the King, Hail Moseley and Good Luck!

Colonel Roderick Spode


Major McElliot,
you are to assist the Kent area Fascists in their advance towards Herne Bay with the following units under your command.
Yourself, Major Jock “Strap” McElliot (elite), with a Thompson and 3 grenades.
Mr Eerius, BUF liason officer (elite), who has 2 grenades and a megaphone.
Sixteen (16) Royal West Kent Chums (regular) with 2 grenades.
Two (2) Royal Army Flying Corps pilots (elite) armed with pistols.
One (1) Morris Light Armoured Car (regular) with an armour value of 10.
One (1) Vickers Light Tank (Regular) with an armour value of 11.
One (1) Army Transport Lorry (Regular) armour value 4, plus
One (1) Bentley lent to you by Captain “Strangely” Brown in the mess last weekend.
We would have issued you with aeroplanes but they’re dreadfully difficult to get, but we’ve plenty of pilots but they’re expensive chaps so don’t allow them to be killed. Also try to keep damage to both civilians and their property to a minimum, oh and don’t forget to return Brown’s motor and before I forget the rules of engagement, i.e: don’t shoot at anyone unless they shoot at you.
Tally Ho!

Archie Wavell

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command.

Dear Reverend Phil Miccup,
how are your roses this time of year? I’m happy to say the winter killed off all sign of pests on mine. Dreadful shame the same couldn’t be said of these dreadful blackshirts who I find more disagreeable than the blackfly and not just because the flys are smarter, what? Be an absolute saint and pop along to Herne Bay for me, imagine Moseley has his eye on it. Take with your holy self Rev Phil Miccup (elite) armed with the word of God, an smg and 2 grenades;
Choir Master Strokes (elite) armed with a cross, an smg and 1 grenade.
Seven of St Johns Margate choir boys (regular), with 2 grenades.
Nine of St Johns Margate Anglican League (regular) with 1 grenade.
Charlie (the “illegitimate”) Tank (regular) with armour value 13.
St Johns Armoured Corp Light Tank (regular) with armour value: 9.
Pongo’s scout car, armour value 6.
East Kent Bus Company Bus armour value 4.
Should it all go Catholic shaped there are a series of explosive charges set to a central plunger in the lavatory just southwest of the ruin at Richborough. This will blow the sluice gates, and flood the area between Herne Bay and Thanet. Only use it as a last ditch effect, and bear in mind it’s not us who walk on water.
Bless you my son,

W.C.G. Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury, Anglican League.

Commander Kerel Arkell,
to fight the British Fascists you have at your disposal the following;
Your Good Self, Kerel Arkell (elite) you have a pistol and 3 grenades.
Lord Ellington of Ramsgate (elite) who has a pistol and 3  grenades.
Ten (10) Arkell Brigade Belgian Infantry (elite), who all have 2 Grenades each.
Ten (10) St Nicholas Defenders – Aggressive Wing (militia).
One (1) St George’s Armoured Corp Light Tank (regular) with armour value: 9.
One (1) Bus hired from the East Kent Bus Company with armour value: 4.
One (1) Mobile Library, minus books, on loan from KCC, armour value 4.
One (1) Red sports Car, personal property of Lord Ellington with armour value 3.
The King of Belgium wishes you the best of success in this worthy battle and reminds you that under no circumstances should the bus be damaged as a large deposit has been paid on it. Fighting fascism is one thing, wasting money quite another, oui? Aside from this you have a free hand.
Royally Yours,

King Leopold (Just call me Trois) III

The junction of Herne Bay High Street and William Street had seen a small amount of artillery fire from off-shore during the night. No-one seemed to know whose ships did the firing but the recently formed Herne Bay Defenders decided to regroup somewhere other than Herne Bay, leaving it wide open for occupation from exterior powers.

The BUF come racing in from the West with an armoured column. While the Army charge in by foot.

To the East the Arkell Brigade drive slowly but with great precision from Reculver.

Meanwhile to the south-east the Anglican League arrive.

The streets clear of residents who sense some danger in the following hours. Local support for all thing BUF is symbolically displayed.

Rev. Phil Miccup considers himself fortunate in finding convenient parking for his armoured Spitz Polecat.

Charlie the Bastard Illegitimate leads the maneuvering onto the High Street while the omnibus parks.

Having invested heavily in modern armour the BUF infantry find they have to walk, even Kommander Slugg.

The BUF lead the way with a rapid advance.

Mild over-confidence strikes the BUF as their column comes under fire.

The lead vehicle takes minor damage,

…and then crashes into a wall.

At the other end of town the Anglicans storm into a small terrace.  Unphased by their comrades difficulties the BUF armour pushes on.

On the North flank the Army regulars advance solidly and with good speed.

As do the Belgian volunteers of the Arkell Brigade.

A BUF vehicle maneuvers in support of the Army…

… but is infinitely delayed by a well aimed shot from Charlie.

The Arkell Brigade takes cover behind a barricade, opens fire on the Army and throws grenades in support with no small effect.

To the south the Anglicans barricade themselves in the terraced houses.

Just in time as the BUF arrive across the street and get pinned by small arms fire. British Army armour slowly advances with care, as the BUF column (reduced to two vehicles) slows.

Kommander Slugg seeks the protection of a nearby damaged building to allow his squad to regroup.

The holed-up Anglicans have spotted the BUF column and lay down a barrage of fire from everything they have, while the choir sings “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

The Morris Light Armoured Car looses a wheel as a result, the start of it’s troubles as soon after its Bren is damaged beyond use.

Unfortunately for Mr Yeats entering a simple home while bearing a banner is not as easy as might be assumed.

On Mortimer Street the greatly reduced squad of Major Jock “Strap” McElliot closes with a cool professionalism seldom seen during these troubled times.

Cunning use of the barricade and grenades combined decimates the Arkell Brigade.

Suddenly the town is rocked by a loud explosion as the only undamaged BUF vehicle, a converted Bentley, scores a lucky hit on Charlie with it’s heavy machine gun.

This lone vehicle attracts a few grenades from the nearby Anglicans,

as well as some well aimed small arms fire.

Together these wreck the Bentley and the only survivor, the driver, panics and runs off narrowly avoiding being run down by the BUF light tank.

Amidst the carnage will now fires the High Street, the driver tries to pull himself together.

However the Army light tank tries desperately to swerve and avoid running the bailed driver down.

Sadly he fails, as does the Morris behind.

However they do manage to destroy one of the imported TKS light tanks down by the building site.

Finally the St. Nicholas Defenders (Aggressive Wing) find themselves in a positon to engage the enemy, and post a lookout to spot targets for them.

His first sight of the battle field is a worrying one, not made any better when he sees his well aimed shots bounce off the Army armour.

Regrouped, Kommander Slugg rushes towards the opposing Anglicans.

Meanwhile Commander Kerel Arkell, having negotiated a withdrawal with Major McElliot, links up with the Militia in time to scoot off sharpish, abandoning all their transport. Lord Ellington is not impressed at losing his sports car, but keeps mum about it as Arkell has lost all but one of his Belgians, the only elite infantry in the fight.

Army Armour takes a defensive positionas they’re unable to open fire on the Anglicans unless shot at first as per their RoE. A messenger is sent for to offer a ceasefire and terms.

The BUF lays down a withering fire at the defending Anglicans, the bulk of which is taken by the structure bar one single light wound which strikes Mr Yeats in the back passage.

In response the St John’s Choir boys rain grenades down on Kommander Slugg. Only one is a good throw, but in exploding just one man suffers any wounding. A miracle given the BUF losses thus far.

Ammo starts to run low as messengers run back and forth between the sides, a ceasefire is agreed. The Arkell Brigade retreats hurriedly and on foot, the Anglicans protect that withdrawal in good order and with all their vehicles bar the lost tank “Charlie”, which they sneak back for later that night. Together they regroup at the pub at Reculver, and Rev. Miccup visits the plunger toilet and ponders his next move.

Having followed their orders to a capital T, the Army collects together their new vehicles and drive back to their barracks leaving the BUF in charge but wondering “Why doesn’t anyone like us?”.

This Game report is not finished YET! A full list of losses and the commanders after action reports will be added to it in the next few days…

Wargames Show Report

November 14, 2010

It was off to the Marlowe Academy today for the annual gaming show for the benefit of the Royal British Legion which took place for the first time in this modern and spacious building. Plenty of free parking, free cups of tea and coffee and a mere two quid to gain entry.  It was healthily attended and had a wide variety of games including WW1 and WW2 in various scales, modern and some fantasy too plus a handful of traders. Red Knight Wargames have put this show on for a good few years now, and slowly but surely it gets better and better so well done them!

Now you might have noticed how gamers are often regarded by non-gamers as a form of geeky lunatic, a stereotype often extended to mad extremes such as those playing WW2 Germans being de facto Nazis and other ironic delights from the historically challenged. The oddest thing about this show was how it took place in a public building with other activities taking place, but when the clock came to 11.00 the only folk standing in silence for two minutes were those at the gaming event.

The photos I took are literally thrown together below, reflecting how a good time was had by all. If any of them are your club, etc,  feel free to grab them and use them on your sites, etc, without any copyright concerns or any of that nonsense.

Royal British Legion Wargames Show

November 2, 2010

We all adore a wargaming show, we all commemorate Remembrance Day so the possibility of combining the two is a winning idea so here’s a heads up for such an experience as Red Knight Wargames (aka Snipers Nest) put on their third of these small but perfectly formed shows in support of one of the UK’s most vital charities. This year there will be about half a dozen demo or participation games, a few trade stands, a raffle, refreshments and piles of free parking immediately outside the venue. All this for a mere £2 entrance which goes to the British Legion.

This year it’s being held at the Marlowe Academy, on Marlowe Way, Ramsgate CT12 6FA on Sunday 14th November from 10.00am-4.00pm. Should you need more info then get in touch with those nice folk at Red Knight, namely Michael or Sheree, on either 01843 598640, or their mobile 07745 284925, or drop them an email via or even wander along to their premises at the Marlowe Innovation Centre in the bright orange building opposite the Academy.

Finding your way there could prove difficult though, as the Google map picture above doesn’t show Marlowe Way, the Innovation Centre nor the new route of Haine Road (A256) which you can see in yellow on the right. It does show the Marlowe Academy, which is the spaceship-looking structure on the right.The patch of muddy land to the left of that is where the Innovation Centre is, you can’t miss it – it’s bright orange. On the bottom left of the above map there is now a roundabout.

Via Google Maps streetview you can actually see this roundabout, and it’s the second exit (straight across) you want, if you’re coming this way, follow the New Haine Road to the next roundabout and take the second exit (the right) to get to Marlowe Way. Alternatively, or if you’re coming the other way, look here for a simplistic map of the whole damn thing.

Good luck, hope to see you there.

UPDATE: Just found out that’s in total there’ll be 8 games at this show, each one from a different local club.


All Change

September 24, 2010

My local game shop, previously known as Snipers Nest, has gone through an evolution to become a whole new beastie but still delivering it’s usual level of gaming joy. Firstly it’s had a change of name to Red Knight Games so as to have less of a Columbine style image, a trifle harsh I think but hey ho. Plus they’ve also moved from their Chatham Street premises in Ramsgate to the incredibly swish Innovation Centre in nearby Westwood.

Regular customers might remember how the shop used to be in the long lost indoor market in Harbour street, and moved to Chatham street, only for the web and google maps to take months to catch up with the move. This is very likely to happen again as the Innovation Centre is so new a structure it’s represented on Google maps as a scrap piece of land in the middle of potato fields.

They’ve changed their phone number too, and the new number is 01843 598640, which you’ll need if you want to find them in the coming weeks. Of course the old-school style hasn’t changed, and they now have much roomier conference style rooms for gaming evening which are still on Tuesday nights – see you there perhaps?