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Kentish Kerfuffle

July 20, 2010

Well not so much a game report than a collection of pictures really. We played with probably too many figures and vehicles for a first outing and so even though we enjoyed the play, not many turns were had and no conclusion other than oh what a lot of pieces we had, was drawn.

It does all look rather jolly though, doesn’t it?

Snipe Clean Surface

July 15, 2010

There’s something about snipers which a lot of modellers and gamers really like, the Guild Wargamers forum have even had a competition recently with some very interesting results. I didn’t hear about this until it was looking for votes, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t had a couple of snipers pass along my paint table recently. Above is Eureka’s rather special Marine Recon sniper with a Barrett fifty, although I’ve painted him more as SAS special forces as I don’t really play yanks.

This is Old Glory UK Miniatures prone sniper in resin, which I’ve decided needed a decent ghillie suit just to represent the professional brilliance of UK forces.The grass is a mix of the old railway modelling marshy type stuff, a big bag for pennies, and the finer tufts you can get in tiny packages for way too much cash.

I’ve included this second shot to make it just a mite clearer where the figure actually is. Can you see it?

A Very English Gathering

July 1, 2010

The forces begin to gather for a long awaited game of VBCW. With various makers used for Anglican militia.

The Anglican League Regulars are typically WW2 figures with the more modern short puttee. Blue uniforms and darker blue helmets do help identify them.The BUF are almost uniquely Renegade WW1 miniatures, chosen for their caps and longer puttees.

There’s also the ocassional foreigner poking around claiming to be some reporter from the foreign press.  A game report to follow.