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All Praise Hymn

June 26, 2010

It took me quite a while to secure a pack of these and so damned long to paint them that I’ve forgotten which make they are, perhaps a sharp eyed reader will spot them and let us know via the comments. Here they form the St Johns (Margate) Boy Choir part of the Anglican League for VBCW, and even though there’s only two variants (a slight tilt to the position of hymn books) they’re a charming little bunch of rascally looking lads.

God moves in loud clanking and not so mysterious ways

June 20, 2010

The St. Johns (Margate) Branch of the Anglican League has been blessed by the return of their European travelling members endeavours to provide some defensive vehicular additions to the home made K series of “deliverence” trams in the form of “Charlie and the twins”. “Charlie” joins us from France, while the “Twins” hark from Poland.

All three were blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury last week in a simple ceremony at St. Johns Church, Margate.

Ross Hour

June 19, 2010

Here’s a quick snapshot of a quick fix in my aim to have a Ross Kemp figure for the off-the-cuff Afghanistan project I’m working on as a result of going to Salute and having so much fun playing a game hosted by the RAF Wargames Association.  as seen below. Of course there’s not much call for presenters of programs on the Afghan war in 28mm so I thought I’d have a bash myself. The key features of reporters are quite generic, like Evan Wright in Generation Kill, you need an oversized helmet and flak vest, and they should be in Navy Blue. I should have studied a photo to get the features right on the vest but hey-ho it will do being as it is a fast conversion ( a Ross job!) of a WW2 Brit Commander with my first use of that green stuff. Not bad even if I say so myself.

This short detour into all things Afghan was borne of a typical show folly were something just grabs you, and the game itself was one of the simplest on offer as you can see. The mad and loud enthusiasm behind it was what really sold it to us, with the Slug also impressed by having the opportunity of having pieces running around with SAWs on full auto-fire for the bulk of the play time.

Fascist transport policy

June 14, 2010

The local chapter of the BUF is enjoying some growth in their transport pool as can be witnessed above, the latest edition being a Sloppy Jalopy version of the Austin Type 3 armoured car, as well as adding a machine gun and gunner to my ugly home made armoured car.

Part resin, part white metal, it’s an interesting little kit to put together even if the main body was a trifle warped. There’s a way of dealing with warping, involving arcane submersions into hot liquids and some Charles Atlas type exertions – neither of which I fancied. The BUF all black paint scheme is simple, but incredibly dull to both do and to look at. There’s some much better schemes around, like the Russian one which can be seen on the Jalopy site.

More Vickers, Tea?

June 10, 2010

It had to happen. I was so delighted with the earlier model I bought from BEF that I had to have another one, but this time painted for the BUF for the game A Very British Civil War. The crewman is a tanker from the Bolt Action range, while the fascist regular standing to the rear is one of a Renegade regiment I bought for the bulk of my BUF forces.

More Tea Vickers?

June 9, 2010

Really just a snap shot of BEF miniatures excellent model of a Vickers Mk VI Light Tank, alongside one of their marvelous miniatures too. These have been painted with a mind to playing early WW2, but would also fit games of VBCW.  It’s a cracking white metal kit which has been much admired even amongst some non-gaming scale modellers.