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Choirmaster Strokes rides again

March 31, 2011

There were a pile of generous comments for this mobile pulpit which I showed earlier, but now its finally finished. It’s had a tone change on the blue at the rear, the roll added to the rear, and a small bag added to the cargo/passenger area. The latter being very hard to see in the photo below.

The Magnificent Eight

March 31, 2011

I haven’t played with horse mounted figures for decades so when we saw some Great War Miniatures WWI British Cavalry up for grabs at a very reasonable price at Red Knight Wargames it was very tempting. Once I’d suggested to the boy Slug how this might make an excellent cavalry squad for the BUF in our VBCW games his eyes lit up and lacking the readies his grovelling began.

He’s done a reasonable job, but it took me more effort to get him to get the damned things painted, than it did for him to get me to pay for them. The result is a trifle underworked but lovely figures none the less.

Of course being cavalry there’s a lot more work to them than the usual infantry and these were the Slug’s first ever.

I imagine he might bring himself to be happy with them once they’re on the table and scaring the bejesus out of the enemy.

Tracy get yer Gun

March 16, 2011

Okay so I’ll have to go back and dot her eyes, but I just couldn’t hold back from sharing this fun limited edition figure from The Assault Group. It was a joy to get especially as originally you could claim one of their bonus figures with every order, so order up a single blister of Mod Brits and this little angel came free, and has the witty name of Tracy Burka. Sculpted by Susan Wells it’s the first fighting female in the TAG range ever!

Sadly they’ve changed their offer now, a shame because I’d have made an order a week to collect all the limited editions, and you have to dish out a whopping thirty-three quid for a freebie now. It’s an interesting list though, why not have a butchers at it?

It’s really beginning to drag-on

March 16, 2011

Yes it’s more pictures of Fenris brilliance in the shape of a pile of the Heresy Dragons. This piece is not only much awaited with a waiting list of over a hundred, but it’s just incredible in it’s detail and is very likely the largest single miniature ever, and all British made – Hurrah!

Hopefull these megre and tiny photos give some hint of how incredible a piece this is. If you’re not convinced keep an eye out for one on display at Salute 2011, or, eventually, on a table for a demo game.

I’ll get me goat

March 16, 2011

Not the most exciting miniature you’ll ever find but if you’re gaming North Africa, the Middle East or the North West Frontier a piece which is rather vital as I see it. Watch Bravo Two Zero and you’ll see how everything started going down hill after an encounter with a goat herder, or watch The Hurt Locker and there’s a sniper scene where they spot someone creeping up behind them because he disturbs goats, and if further proof where needed it’s all there in The Men who Stare at Goats. Get with the program, get goats!

The complete and total guide to casting

March 16, 2011

First get some of this stuff and mix it together at a ratio of 1:1

Then chuck in some of this grey thing at around 25% of the total mix.

Mix it all up really quickly with a wooden stick.

Pour the mix in some of these rubber things partially filling them.

Pop the moulds into one of these, turn it on, lift one lever up, and push another down. Wait until it gets to a certain number, press a timer, when the timer goes beep turn it off.

Fill these up to the top and wait for them to cure.

Show what you’ve cast to this bloke and have him laugh at you if you got any bubbles in them.

Female of the Species

March 10, 2011

For my hush-hush top secret only-to-be-revealed-at-Salute-2011 project I need female BUF members, but not armed. This has lead to plenty of discussions but typically throwing up figures which don’t really do it for me. Thankfully London Copper on GWP suggested this Soviet from the Plastic Soldier Company which suits my needs very nicely indeed.

Now she’s not the most detailed figure in the land, but I think she looks the part and has painted up rather sweetly, well sweetly for a damned fascist. She’s not quite finished of course and she has to be combined with the mystery components but if you’re at Salute this year come over and say hello to her.

Battle for the Thanet Way

March 10, 2011

Here’s a selection of photos from a game of VBCW a few weeks ago in which the BUF attempted to take the Thanet Way in their push eastwards only to be beaten back by a combination of various motley groups including local coppers, choirboys, Anglican League Regulars and Irregulars plus some Communists who no one was quite sure about to start with. It was a cracking game dispite some ghastly behaviour from the Fascists. Rather hoping we could make a regular campaign out of it, but only after schooling everyone in the finer points of playing like a gent.

Get a grip

March 10, 2011

It’s been a fair while since I found any real goodies at bargain prices so think of my delight at finding a couple during the mundane task of buying low calorie sandwiches for lunch with my loved one. The first I found on Tuesday in the shape of the vice above, which not only grips things really tightly but can also be angled plus it’s got a vacuum base will means you can secure it on any level surface and it’s not going to go anywhere. If I’d found this for around £15 I’d have been happy, so it’s an absolute snip at the £5.99 which it cost.

Secondly I found this box packed with dremel compatible goodies, which if they’d borne the Dremel logo would have cost an arm and a leg, but this set came in at just £3.99.

Both these bargains came from Aldi, and Mrs. Me informs me they tend to keep such offers for a week so if you’re interested it may well be time for you to visit your local branch.